Levomekol ointment for hemorrhoids

The treatment of hemorrhoids should be comprehensive, combining different forms of medication: tablets, injections, rectal suppositories and ointments. The latter are able to quickly and effectively relieve pain and itching, reduce swelling and restore elasticity to damaged tissues.

In the category of ointments, Levomekol, which has successfully proven its effectiveness, occupies a well-deserved place in the treatment of the disease. Is it possible to smear hemorrhoids with Levomekol and how to do our material correctly.

Active substances and principle of action

Levomekol is an affordable drug in the form of a translucent, moderately dense ointment. The product is packaged in tubes, each package contains 40 g of product. The kit includes a cardboard box and detailed instructions. The drug is sold over the counter and easily fits into any therapeutic regimen.

The main purpose of the drug is to suppress the activity of pathogenic bacteria. From hemorrhoids, Levomekol is used precisely in this quality, since it is indispensable for a disease of any degree.

A complicated passage of feces is associated with permanent damage to the skin and mucous membranes, bacteria enter the wounds, causing inflammation, swelling, suppuration, and in severe cases, even tissue necrosis.

Levomekol helps block the growth of bacteriawhile accelerating wound healing, relieving pain and other unpleasant symptoms.

The composition of the drug includes a complex of active substances that have a complex effect on hemorrhoids, skin and mucous membranes.

    Levomycetin. The main component of the ointment, belonging to the group of antibiotics. It has a disinfecting, anti-inflammatory, wound healing effect. It has a persistent antimicrobial effect, blocks the development of staphylococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and other microorganisms.

Relieves pain, burning and itching, reduces swelling and improves the general condition of the body. It remains effective for a long time, resistance to the component develops slowly. Non-toxic, in the form of an ointment suitable even for people who do not tolerate oral antibiotics.

  • Methyluracil. An immunomodulator that increases the number of white blood cells in the blood and enhances natural immunity. Promotes the body's production of interferon, which is responsible for the body's defenses. It has excellent wound healing properties, contributes to the rapid regeneration of damaged tissues. Methyluracil penetrates deep into the tissues, removing excess water from them and removing edema.
  • Ethylene glycol. Effective adsorbent, contributes to the gentle removal of dead cells, the removal of toxins and the healing of microcracks. It normalizes the state of hemorrhoidal nodes, enhancing the effect of other drugs. The composition of the drug includes a small amount of ethylene glycol, but it is quite enough even for severe forms of hemorrhoids, accompanied by frequent suppuration and inflammation.
  • Polyethylene oxide. It has a dehydrating effect, it is especially effective for weeping hemorrhoids. Dries the affected tissue without causing irritation and without violating the integrity of the tissues and mucous membranes.

    It reduces the risk of developing infectious processes, prevents tissue suppuration, and softens the effect of the antibiotic.

    The drug has proven itself in the treatment of external forms of hemorrhoids.

    It gently affects the nodes, removing swelling and inflammation, accelerating the healing of microdamages, blocking the action of pathogenic bacteria.

    Levomekol can be used for exacerbations or in the phase of remission, it does not damage healthy cells, equally effectively acting on the skin and mucous membranes.

    • Detailed description of the various stages: first, second, third, fourth,
    • Features of the internal course of the disease and external manifestations,
    • The list of medicines, suppositories and ointments that are used in the treatment of this disease can be found here.

    The effectiveness of the drug: what are the benefits

    Among the main advantages of the tool:

    • convenient form, ointment can be used for rubbing or local compresses,
    • ease of use
    • minimum contraindications
    • low resistance, lack of addiction,
    • effective for various forms of hemorrhoids, from initial to purulent,
    • goes well with other medicines.

    Ointment has a complex effect:

    • wound healing
    • antibacterial
    • regenerative
    • decongestant
    • drying
    • soothing.

    It can be combined with any drugs.: tablets, microclysters, rectal suppositories.

    Compresses or rubbing Levomekol can be alternated with other ointments, gels and creams, as well as with applications from herbs or grated vegetables.

    The drug is also used in cases where other external agents are not recommended. For example, with purulent purulent hemorrhoids or tissue necrosis, many drugs are excluded from the treatment regimen. Levomkol can be used even with open wounds, it will not bring harm, but will help reduce inflammation and enhance the effect of oral medications and injections.

    It is advisable not to self-medicate and use the drug with the knowledge and approval of the attending physician. The tool fits well into any treatment regimen and does not cause complaints from proctologists.

    Does Levomekol help with hemorrhoids and how to use Levomekol ointment for hemorrhoids, we will consider further.

    Levomekol from hemorrhoids: method of application

    Levomekol is used for compresses or rubbing into the anus. Before use, it is recommended to wash the anus area with cool water or take a sitz bath. Then the skin is carefully drained with a soft towel. The procedure is best done before bedtime to activate the effect of the drug.

    Levomekol ointment: instructions for use for hemorrhoids:

    • A small amount of ointment is distributed over a clean linen or cotton cloth.
    • Then the compress is applied to the area of ​​the anus so that the ointment is in contact with the bulging nodes.
    • The fabric can be fixed with a bandage or elastic underwear.
    • The procedure is repeated 10 nights in a row, then you can take a break for several days.
    • The number of courses is not limited.

    You can apply the drug in another way:

    • A small portion of the ointment is rubbed into the anus, and then covered with a sterile gauze cloth.
    • On top you need to wear elastic underwear, fixing a napkin.

    Indications and contraindications

    Proctologists recommend Levomekol for the treatment of different stages of hemorrhoids. It works equally well with exacerbations or during a period of relative rest.

    Ointment can be used for prevention, as well as for recovery after resection of hemorrhoids. The use of ointments after surgery will help accelerate tissue repair and avoid possible complications.

    The drug has a minimum of contraindications. It is not addictive and can be used in short but frequent courses until the unpleasant symptoms disappear completely.

    Contraindications include:

    • individual intolerance to one of the components of the ointment,
    • psoriasis or fungal skin infection,
    • tendency to dysbiosis.

    To make sure that the ointment does not cause an allergic reaction, a small portion is rubbed on the inside of the wrist or bend of the elbow. If within 15 minutes there is no itching, redness and other unpleasant symptoms, you can use the drug as directed.

    Important: It should be borne in mind that levomycetin, which affects the formation of leukocytes, can change the composition of the blood, which is essential for some chronic diseases.

    Levomekol is a time-tested drug that is widely used to treat various forms of hemorrhoids. It has a minimum of contraindications, with constant medical monitoring, the ointment can be used for a long time.

    Levomekol fits seamlessly into any therapeutic regimen and is suitable even for people who can hardly tolerate potent medicines.

    "Levomekol" with hemorrhoids

    “Levomekol” for hemorrhoids is one of the most effective and affordable medicines. Due to its active antibacterial effect, it is widely used in the treatment of purulent, inflamed wounds. In addition to the antibacterial effect, Levomekol also has adsorbing, wound healing, dehydrating and anti-inflammatory effects. The complex effect on the focus of inflammation guarantees a quick and most effective treatment. Positive effect on tissue regeneration processes.

    Levomekol ointment is a combined external drug that has a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect

    Features of the ointment and method of application

    “Levomekol” for hemorrhoids is used not only for therapeutic, but also for preventive purposes. The complex effect on the focus of inflammation makes the drug indispensable for the development of both acute and chronic hemorrhoidal inflammation. A feature of the ointment is its prophylactic effect, aimed at preventing the attachment of infection.

    A broad-spectrum antibiotic that is part of the ointment actively fights pathogenic intestinal microflora, preventing the development of infectious inflammation in the hemorrhoid cones. Other components that are also part of the drug provide a number of actions aimed at accelerating the healing processes of hemorrhoids. The use of ointment is possible both separately and in combination with other therapeutic measures.

    According to the instructions for use, the algorithm for using the ointment is as follows:

    1. Wash the anal area thoroughly under running water. Get wet with a napkin or towel.
    2. Apply a small amount of ointment to a sterile gauze cloth and place on hemorrhoid cones. If there are internal wounds, it is recommended to introduce an ointment heated to 36 ° C using a gauze swab or catheter.
    3. To prevent displacement, fix with a plaster.
    4. Apply a bandage once a day, before bedtime.
    5. The duration of therapy is selected individually. Usually it is 10 days.

    Important! Before use, you need to consult your doctor. Despite the availability and safety of the drug, self-medication is not recommended.

    Before applying the ointment, the anal area is thoroughly washed with cool water without soap and dried with soft wipes

    Pharmacological action of ointment "Levomekol"

    The widespread use of Levomekol ointment for hemorrhoids is due to its pharmacological effect. Thanks to the active components that make up the ointment has the following effects:

    1. Antibacterial. A broad-spectrum antibiotic prevents the occurrence of an infectious process in the wounds of hemorrhoid cones. Actively struggling with painful microflora coming from the rectum and from the outside.
    2. Healing. Significantly increased protein synthesis, there is an acceleration of regeneration processes. The risk of unwanted complications is reduced.
    3. Adsorbent. The effect is achieved through the active elimination of dead cells and other decay products from wounds of hemorrhoids. The probability of developing local intoxication is warned, healing processes are accelerated.
    4. Dehydrating. Thanks to the active component, which has a pronounced drying effect, the possibility of joining the infection is prevented. The wound healing process is significantly accelerated.
    5. Anti-inflammatory. The inflammatory process is an integral part of hemorrhoids. Swelling, pain, burning - symptoms accompanied by inflammation of the hemorrhoidal nodes. The active components of the ointment have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Effectively stop pain, relieve swelling, eliminate discomfort and other manifestations of the inflammatory process.

    The use of Levomekol ointment for hemorrhoids is guaranteed to relieve inflammation, relieve swelling, relieve pain and discomfort, and also accelerate the healing of the wound surface.

    Proctologists often prescribe a drug in the treatment of chronic hemorrhoids during exacerbations

    The constituent components of the ointment

    Ointment "Levomekol" is widely used in the treatment of hemorrhoids. The high effectiveness of the drug is due to its composition. The therapeutic effect of the individual components is greatly enhanced by their combination.

    The composition of the ointment includes such active substances:

    1. Chloramphenicol. The destructive effect on a wide range of microbes provides high efficiency ointments in the treatment of hemorrhoidal inflammation.
    2. Methyluracil. Active stimulation of the defenses of the human body to fight the infectious process. A pronounced wound healing, regenerating action, which is especially important for exacerbation of hemorrhoidal exacerbation. In combination with chloramphenicol has an active anti-inflammatory effect.
    3. Ethylene glycol. Pronounced adsorbing effect, consisting in the removal of dead cells. Helps cleanse wounds. Prevents the development of complications. Reduction of inflammation, swelling, relief of pain.
    4. Polyethylene oxide. It has a pronounced dehydrating effect. The component is most effective for wetting hemorrhoidal inflammation. Reducing the likelihood of wound infection due to the active drying of the wound surface.

    Thick, uniform, odorless white ointment. Available in cans (60, 100 g) and tubes (25, 40 g). The shelf life, subject to storage rules, is not more than 3–3.5 years.

    The main active ingredients of the drug are the antibiotic chloramphenicol (chloramphenicol) and methyluracil

    One of the benefits of hemorrhoids ointment is its price. The average cost for one tube of ointment is 10–13 hryvnias (60–80 rubles). Prescription for the purchase of funds is not required. Despite the availability of ointment and relative harmlessness, self-medication is not recommended. Before use, specialist advice is required.

    Contraindications and side effects. Analogs

    The use of Levomekol ointment, like other medicines for hemorrhoids, has a number of contraindications, namely:

    • individual hypersensitivity to any component of the ointment,
    • with caution is prescribed during pregnancy, breastfeeding,
    • psoriasis, fungal infection and other diseases of the skin.

    Side effects occur in the form of an allergic reaction. Perhaps redness, rash, itching. In order to avoid the development of adverse reactions, it is recommended to test for allergic sensitivity before use. To do this, apply a small amount of the drug to the delicate skin of the elbow or the inner part of the forearm. In the absence of allergic manifestations, after 30-40 minutes, you can apply the ointment as directed.

    In rare cases, allergic reactions are observed.

    If contraindications are detected or side effects occur, it is necessary to replace “Levomekol” with a product with a similar therapeutic effect. It is preliminary recommended to consult with your doctor.

    Composition and description of components

    Levomekol ointment (sometimes they say - cream) is a mass of white with a yellow tint without a pronounced odor. The drug is available in aluminum tubes of 20, 30 and 40 grams, as well as in forty-gram containers.

    The ointment contains two active ingredients - methyluracil and chloramphenicol.

    The auxiliary composition of the ointment is represented by polyethylene oxide 400 and polyethylene oxide 1500.

    The healing properties of ointment Levomekol with hemorrhoids

    Methyluracil and chloramphenicol determine the therapeutic effect of Levomekol ointment, so we will consider these substances in more detail.

    Methyluracil is a substance with a strong healing effect, the mechanism of action of which is to activate the production of nucleic acids, as a result of which cell growth is accelerated. In addition, this drug has an anti-inflammatory effect.

    Chloramphenicol belongs to antibiotics of synthetic origin. The drug adversely affects staphylococci, streptococci, salmonella, hemophilic bacilli, E. coli, rickettsia, Klebsiella and many other pathogenic bacteria. Chloramphenicol stops the synthesis of protein structures of bacterial cells, due to which they die.

    In addition, this antibiotic has a significant advantage: resistance to it is practically not developed and it is active even against those microorganisms that are resistant to other antibacterial drugs.

    Thus, Levomekol has the following therapeutic effects:

    • antibacterial
    • anti-inflammatory
    • healing
    • immunostimulating.

    Due to these therapeutic properties, Levomekol ointment for hemorrhoids can perform several important tasks, namely:

    • destroy pathogens
    • prevent the development of infectious complications of hemorrhoids,
    • eliminate purulent processes in the tissues of the anus,
    • reduce the severity of the inflammatory process in the tissues of the anorectal region,
    • accelerate epithelization of the anus wounds,
    • facilitate the rehabilitation of the patient after rectal surgery.

    Indications for use

    The official instructions indicate that this drug is intended for the treatment of infected purulent wounds of various origins that are in the exudation phase. Levomekol is also indicated for trophic ulcers, bedsores, burns, boils and carbuncles.

    In addition, Levomekol is used to prevent infection of wounds.

    As you can see, hemorrhoids are not included in the list of indications for treatment with Levomekol ointment. But, nevertheless, proctologists often prescribe this medication for severe inflammation of the hemorrhoids, purulent complications and for the prevention of infection of the postoperative wound after surgery.

    Instructions for use of Levomekol for the treatment of hemorrhoids

    Levomekol ointment for hemorrhoids is used externally or rectally. The way it is used depends on the location of the hemorrhoids.

    Also, before applying the ointment, like any other local antihemorrhoid drug, it is necessary to perform preparation according to the following algorithm:

    • empty the intestines (for constipation, use a laxative or cleansing enema)
    • wash the area of ​​the anus, perineum and genitals with warm water without soap or a weak solution of potassium permanganate. You can also make a bath with a decoction of medicinal plants - oak bark, onion peel, chamomile, sage, calendula, etc.,
    • dry your skin gently with a towel made of soft, lint-free cloth,
    • wash your hands thoroughly with soap and apply a manual antiseptic to them,
    • take a comfortable pose. It is best to apply antihemorrhoids ointments in a lying position on the left side or standing.

    With external hemorrhoids

    With external nodules and anal fissures, a little ointment is applied to the skin of the anal area and covered with sterile gauze on top, which is fixed with a band-aid. The procedure is performed before bedtime, and in the morning they remove the bandage.

    Also, the drug can be spread not on the skin, but on the bandage itself, which is then applied to the sore spot.

    Side effects of the drug

    Treatment with ointment Levomekol is well tolerated. In rare cases, symptoms of an allergy to the drug and its components may appear in the form of local reactions - itching, burning, redness and swelling of the skin of the anus, urticaria, dermatitis, Quincke's edema.

    When such symptoms appear, the use of the ointment must be stopped, take an antiallergic drug (Cetrin, Suprastin, Tavegil, etc.) and consult your doctor for treatment correction.

    Contraindications to the use of Levomekol ointment

    Levomekol has a small number of contraindications, namely:

    • episodes of allergies to the drug and its components,
    • psoriasis,
    • eczema,
    • infections of the skin of the fungal genesis at the site of application of the ointment,
    • under three years old.

    Also, Levomekol can not be used for longer than ten days, since long-term therapy contributes to the formation of individual intolerance to this drug.

    Levomekol ointment for hemorrhoids patient reviews

    To your attention, real patient reviews about this drug.

    Oleg, 38 years old: “I’ve been suffering from hemorrhoids for several years. Pain, itching, falling out bumps and cracks have long been an integral part of my life. For a long time I was self-medicating, which did not bring me relief, so I turned for help to a proctologist who prescribed me a complex therapy. The treatment regimen also included Levomekol, which I introduced with my finger into the anus in the morning and evening for five days. I noticed the effect of the treatment after five days: the nodes decreased, the pain and itching went away, and the crack closed. In my opinion, Levomekol is an effective and inexpensive medicine, now it is always in my medicine cabinet. ”

    Oksana, 32 years old: “During pregnancy, I had external nodules that caused pain during bowel movements and sometimes bleeding. I turned to the doctor only after childbirth, because I thought that my problem would go away, but it only got worse. A proctologist prescribed me Levomekol, since other drugs were contraindicated due to breastfeeding. This medicine has become my salvation. Recommend!"

    Ivan, 39 years old: “I read Levomekol ointment on one forum on the Internet, so I decided to try it for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Used twice a day, there were no side effects, but I did not notice a significant result of therapy. The inflammation decreased slightly and the crack healed, but the problem was not resolved. After unsuccessful treatment, I turned to a specialist who prescribed me a comprehensive antihemorrhoid therapy and diet. Two weeks later, the hemorrhoids stopped falling out. Therefore, I do not recommend self-medication, since not even the most effective medicine is suitable for everyone. ”

    As a result, we can conclude that Levomekol, although not a classic proctological drug, effectively eliminates inflammation in the tissues of the anus, provoked by various bacteria. In addition, this medication practically does not cause side effects and can be used even during pregnancy.

    But, you need to understand that the treatment of hemorrhoids should not be limited only to Levomekol, because this disease requires complex therapy, which can only be prescribed by a competent specialist - a proctologist.

    Composition and action of Levomekol

    The use of the drug in the complex treatment of the problem is very justified. Ointment for external use "Levomekol" has an original composition, is used to treat wounds, burns, pressure sores and insect bites. Outwardly, it is quite thick, white in color and with a characteristic odor. Levomekol is sold in glass bottles of dark glass or aluminum tubes.

    Useful properties of Levomekol:

    1. Anti-inflammatory. Relieves irritation and eliminates itching at the site of damage. The effect is noticeable after one use.
    2. Wound healing. The active components of the drug help to tighten the cracks, often forming in the damaged area.
    3. Antibacterial. The antibiotic in the composition of the product effectively fights infections and destroys pathogens.
    4. Regenerating. Increased protein production in the mucous membrane, which helps restore the walls of the rectum.
    5. Immunostimulatory.
    6. Absorbent. Cleans wounds from decay products, promoting rapid healing, and prevents the appearance of an abscess.
    7. Dehydrating. Levomekol dries the surface of the skin, so wet wounds do not form.

    The positive effects of Levomekol in the treatment of wounds due to its original composition. In production, chloramphenicol is used - a broad-spectrum antibiotic, as well as methyluracil, which is used to regenerate tissues. Levomekol is able to slightly dry the skin thanks to the polyethylene oxide in the composition, providing good prevention of weeping wounds.

    Another useful component is ethylene glycol. Even a relatively small percentage of it in Levomekol provides effective removal of necrotic cells from wounds. This helps to cleanse the wounds, and also prevents the risk of abscess. The combined effect of these components and provides high efficiency funds.

    Mode of application

    A suitable treatment plan must be agreed with your doctor, so self-medication in this case will be risky. For the treatment of hemorrhoids with Levomekol, the following rules must be observed.

    Scheme of using Levomekol for the treatment of hemorrhoids:

    1. Wash thoroughly the crotch and anus, wipe with a towel.
    2. On a clean sterile gauze, apply a small amount of ointment, evenly distribute it on the surface.
    3. Apply a compress to the affected area, make an oilcloth on top to prevent the flow of funds.
    4. For the treatment of anal fissures, you can use a cotton swab soaked in Levomekol. It is injected deep into the rectum also at bedtime.
    5. It is best to use Levomekol for hemorrhoids before bedtime, in order to eliminate the inconvenience associated with wearing such a compress.

    An indicative course of treatment for hemorrhoids is 10 days. You can not use it longer, because the antibiotic in the composition can seriously disrupt the intestinal microflora with prolonged use. In addition, if after the course did not noticeable improvements, perhaps you should use a different tool.

    Contraindications Levomekol

    Like any drug, Levomekol has several limitations. These points must be taken into account before starting treatment, so that the result is not negative.

    In what cases Levomekol is not used:

    • With fungal diseases.
    • Individual intolerance.
    • The neglected stages of hemorrhoids.

    Levomekol for the treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is used only as directed by a doctor. Usually, antibiotics cannot be used during this period, but since the effect of the ointment is local, this rule is often violated. Levomekol is not absorbed into the general bloodstream, so its use will not harm the development of the child. However, the independent appointment of Levomekol for the treatment of hemorrhoids is unacceptable, as well as the intake of other drugs.

    Recommendations and important nuances

    In order for the treatment to be as successful as possible, it is necessary to take into account a number of features of this application. First of all, you should not risk it and use the drug without first consulting a specialist. In the best case, such treatment will be ineffective, and in the worst it will bring negative consequences.

    Side effects of using Levomekol:

    • The risk of an allergic reaction. Before the first use, a sensitivity test must be performed.
    • Reducing the content of white blood cells and red blood cells with prolonged use.
    • Due to the destruction of microorganisms in the intestine, dysbiosis can develop.
    • Long-term use may reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

    The appearance of one or more symptoms of a negative reaction of the body indicates the impossibility of further treatment with this drug. In order for such therapy to be effective, the use of Levomekol must be agreed with the doctor.

    Levomekol is also not used as a single-component agent. To enhance effectiveness and achieve a quick result in the treatment of hemorrhoids, tablets, rectal suppositories, microclysters and sessile baths with medicinal decoctions are additionally used.

    What is better Levomekol or Vishnevsky ointment

    The closest analogue of traditional Levomekol is the use of the so-called Vishnevsky ointment. It contains birch tar, xeroform and castor oil. The product effectively eliminates inflammation, promotes regeneration and has a good drying effect. It can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

    However, Vishnevsky ointment is not recommended for use in purulent processes. An allergic reaction can occur to the active component, and prolonged use will provoke a strong rush of blood to the treated area.

    Thus, we can conclude that the action of Levomekol is more aimed at eliminating infections with the development of purulent wound damage, but Vishnevsky ointment is better to cope with the disease in the early stages. Of course, one cannot ignore the fact that the choice of a suitable drug and the dosage regimen must be agreed with the doctor.

    Ointment "Levomekol" with hemorrhoids is used infrequently, but this is an excellent wound healing agent with an additional bactericidal effect. Its composition helps to eliminate the inflammatory process in the tissues, and also contributes to their rapid regeneration. Use in proctology has its own nuances, which are discussed in detail in the information in this article.

    Anton: I recently encountered a hemorrhoid problem, but I was already able to choose the optimal remedy. In addition to more than affordable cost, Levomekol has a good result, especially if there are severe damage and cracks. As an independent tool for solving the problem, Levomekol is not suitable, but I use it constantly to eliminate soreness and bleeding.

    Elena: Last year I had such a problem. The cause of hemorrhoids was a difficult birth, but many drugs during lactation can not be used. Levomekol does not enter the bloodstream, having an exclusively local effect. This is a big plus, because many face this ailment during pregnancy and after childbirth. It relieves pain and eliminates damage. In addition, there is an antibiotic in its composition, so you can not be afraid of the spread of infection throughout the body.

    Olga: Used tampons with Levomekol for the treatment of anal fissures. It helped very quickly, painful sensations and discomfort when sitting were gone. The course of treatment was only seven days.

    The composition and effect of the drug

    In the composition of Levomekol ointment, there are only 2 active substances, which determine its versatility.

    1. A component called chloramphenicol is a potent antibiotic characterized by a wide spectrum of action. Effectively blocks dangerous infections for the body, viruses, pathogens.
    2. The second, but not least, component in the list is Methyluracil.It provides “first aid” to damaged cells, promotes rapid healing of wounds, activates the restoration of damaged segments of the skin.

    In view of the above features, the ointment is widely used in medicine, cosmetology. With its help, they treat the effects of burns, inflammatory processes, postoperative sutures and post-traumatic bruises. But few know that a drug that is universal in composition can be successfully used for chronic hemorrhoids.

    Side effect

    For ointments of local action, a minimal number of side effects is characteristic, which is due to the local processing of the problem area. In the case of the pharmaceutical agent in question, most often different forms of allergy occur:

    • hives,
    • rash,
    • burning,
    • local edema
    • itching

    These effects are the body's reaction to such a potent substance as chloramphenicol. If during the use of the drug at least one side effect is observed, it is better to refuse to continue using the medication.

    Levomekol ointment for hemorrhoids

    Hemorrhoids ointment levomekol is not a specialized anti-hemorrhoidal type pharmaceutical drug. Therefore, treatment is carried out in short courses, lasting up to 10 days. The simultaneous use of the drug in question and specialized local medicines (Troxevasin, Heparin ointment, Relief) is allowed.

    The use of ointments for hemorrhoids must be agreed with the doctor

    It is recommended to apply the ointment in cases when blood is released from hemorrhoidal nodes. This is additional evidence of the presence of microdamage in the intestines. With this pathology, there is a high probability of infection of open wounds with feces during emptying.

    Levomekol is the best prophylactic not only for hemorrhoids, but also for anal fissures, paraproctitis, Crohn's disease. The ointment localizes, and then eliminates inflammatory processes, contributes to the rapid healing of festering wounds.

    The drug effectively relieves the patient of such unpleasant symptoms of the disease as itching, inflammation, pain, bleeding.

    Application rules

    Using levomekol from hemorrhoids, it is important to adhere to the recommendations indicated in the annotation attached to this drug. Otherwise, the therapeutic effect will be minimal.

    What is the best way to apply ointment for inflammation of hemorrhoids?

    1. Medicines (ointments, creams or gels) are more effective to use before bedtime. At night, the drug is intensively absorbed into the tissues, acts quickly. And the amount of unwanted movements during this period is minimal.
    2. The duration of the course is determined by the proctologist, based on the characteristics of the pathology. Treatment is often limited to 10 days, followed by a break. This period is enough to eliminate the painful symptoms, the transition of the disease into remission. The decision to continue therapy is made only by the attending physician.
    3. In accordance with the instructions for the use of ointment (balsam) Levomekol, before the introduction of funds, it is necessary to wash the anal area with warm water. After it dries up, the hemorrhoidal cones are carefully treated with the preparation, and the area of ​​influence is covered with a bandage. For convenience, it is fixed with adhesive tape.
    4. Therapy of internal nodes is practically no different from that described above, except that the ointment is impregnated with a tampon, which is then inserted into the anus.

    After a 10-day course of treatment, the achieved effect is fixed by specialized procedures, local drugs (at the discretion of the doctor). It can be microclysters, candles, systemic tablets, sessile baths with a decoction of herbs, etc.

    The best ointments for hemorrhoids - a review of effective drugs

    We present an overview of the best hemorrhoid medications available to each patient.

    1. Levosin ointment for hemorrhoids is one of the best remedies. Belongs to a large group of antimicrobials. In the case of the disease in question, it is used as a disinfectant medicine. Prevents the development of purulent formations in microcracks. In the initial stages, relieves swelling, localizes foci of inflammation.
    2. Balsamic liniment is a budget segment preparation with a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. The active substance is birch tar with castor oil and xeroform.
    3. Ichthyol ointment is a popular and affordable local antiseptic. The main component of the liniment is ichthyol. It guarantees a positive result even in cases when the inflammation of the hemorrhoid cones is accompanied by bacterial infections.
    4. Heparin - a common antihemorrhoidal agent based on heparin. The drug belongs to the group of anticoagulants. The composition is characterized by a pronounced antithrombotic effect. Effectively eliminates pain in hemorrhoids, dilutes blood clots and promotes the penetration of active components into the structure of the hemorrhoid.
    5. Relief is an ointment based on an extract of shark liver. A pharmaceutical with a healing, anti-inflammatory effect. Helps to cope with bleeding, eliminates clinical symptoms during an exacerbation of chronic hemorrhoids.

    The best ointment for an unpleasant and intimate disease simply does not exist. It is important for the patient to understand that experiments with different compounds often do not lead to anything good. It is much more effective to consult a proctologist and thereby protect yourself from the unpleasant consequences of self-medication.

    Reviews are proof that Levomekol is an effective drug for hemorrhoids. The drug has long been presented in the domestic market, and therefore deserves close attention.

    The effectiveness of hemorrhoids

    Levomekol for hemorrhoids is prescribed for the development of inflammation in the tissues of the hemorrhoid cones. A positive result from therapy is due to:

    1. Antibacterial effect. Often, against the background of an exacerbation of the pathology, an attachment of a secondary bacterial infection occurs, which significantly complicates the course of the pathology. Thanks to the antimicrobial component that is part of the ointment, the penetration and further reproduction of pathogenic microflora in the tissues of pathological nodes can be prevented.
    2. Healing effect. Levomekol ointment contains methyluracil, which helps to enhance protein synthesis in the tissues of the mucous membranes of the rectum and the walls of its vessels. Due to this, the healing process of perianal wounds and cracks is much faster.
    3. Adsorbent properties. Under the influence of this drug, cleansing of cracks and wounds from decay products that occur during the inflammatory process occurs.
    4. Anti-inflammatory effect. Levomekol helps to quickly eliminate the inflammatory process that has developed in the tissues of hemorrhoids. The components of the ointment eliminate puffiness and discomfort in the anus - symptoms that significantly reduce the patient's quality of life.
    5. Dehydrating action. Levomekol is used for hemorrhoids and as a drying agent. An exacerbation of pathology in some patients is accompanied by the formation of wetting areas. The drug contains polyethylene oxide, which dries them, thereby preventing the development of infectious processes.

    All the above properties of the ointment allow you to use it against hemorrhoids not only in its acute course, but also in the chronicity of the pathological process with the occurrence of its complications.

    The composition of the drug

    The therapeutic effect of the use of Levomekol during the treatment of hemorrhoids is achieved due to the content in it:

    • chloramphenicol - a substance that has a powerful antimicrobial effect,
    • methyluracil, which increases local immunity and accelerates the wound healing process,
    • ethylene glycol that helps remove necrotic cells,
    • polyethylene oxide, which has a drying effect.

    Thanks to this combination of active and auxiliary components, Levomekol ointment has a complex therapeutic effect, which is successfully used in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

    When it is advisable to use Levomekol for hemorrhoids

    The use of Levomekol ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids is considered necessary for the development of inflammatory processes in the tissues of pathological anal nodes. Pain, swelling, discomfort - all these symptoms can be eliminated through the use of this medication. It will also be advisable to apply the drug to the wetting areas of the perianal opening, which often occur with hemorrhoids.

    But it should be remembered that Levomekol cannot be used to treat varicose veins of the anal veins as an independent remedy. Ointment will not help to completely cure the pathology - it is only one of the components of the symptomatic therapy regimen.

    Instructions for use of the drug

    Before starting treatment, it is important to verify the absence of individual intolerance to the drug. Especially if it is used for the first time. You can carry out an allergotest at home.

    To do this, treat the skin of the inner side of the wrist or elbow with a small amount of ointment. After a quarter of an hour, you must evaluate the results of the sample. If redness or swelling is not observed in the lubricated area, then there is no allergy to Levomekol, and it can be used as directed.

    How to use the product?

    Levomekol ointment for hemorrhoids must be used strictly according to the instructions. In order to achieve the maximum effect of therapy, one should rely on such rules:

    1. The drug must be applied before going to bed. The fixed position of the patient prevents the abrasion of the applied product on clothing.
    2. Before smearing hemorrhoids, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the perianal zone. For washing it is better to use clean cool water. After the hygiene procedure is completed, the area of ​​the anus should be slightly dampened with a soft napkin or towel.
    3. The course of therapy can vary from 7 to 10 days. During this time, it is possible to transfer the pathological process into a phase of prolonged remission.

    The method of applying Levomekol involves applying it to a cotton napkin, which is then applied to the hemorrhoids. You can also lubricate the nodes themselves with ointment. Apply the product with a thin layer, distributing it over the entire surface of the problem area of ​​the skin. This procedure is recommended 2 times a day.

    External use of Levomekol and other topical preparations - gels, creams, ointments - gives the most positive results if they are combined with each other. With internal hemorrhoids, it is recommended to use rectal suppositories along with them.


    Pregnant women can treat hemorrhoids with Levomekol, but only on the recommendation of the attending physician.

    Ointment during pregnancy can be used exclusively for external use. Making swabs for rectal administration is prohibited. The same applies to women who are breastfeeding. The principle of medical procedures is identical to the previously described.

    Overdose Symptoms and Side Effects

    Using Levomekol to get rid of the symptoms of hemorrhoids, you must strictly adhere to the dosage. Otherwise, contact sensitization may occur, accompanied by hypersensitivity reactions. They appear during the next application of the ointment to the affected areas of the skin of the perianal zone. In this situation, symptomatic therapy is carried out, and the use of the drug is discontinued.

    Side effects when using Levomekol can occur in the form of burning, itching, tingling in the treated area, local swelling, and skin hyperemia in the perianal region. With prolonged use of Levomekol, a change in the composition of the blood is possible.

    In order to avoid complications, treatment of hemorrhoids with this ointment cannot be carried out in parallel with the use of sulfonamides, cytostatics, pyrazoline derivatives.

    Reviews on the use of the drug

    Reviews of patients who used Levomekol to combat the manifestations of hemorrhoids are mostly positive. Rapid elimination of pain and itching in the anus, as well as the healing of cracks and wounds, is noted.

    Many patients emphasize that the drug perfectly helps to eliminate discomfort if used in parallel with tablets and other external agents. Combined therapy helps to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time.

    Occasionally, patients complain of the appearance of itching and burning of varying degrees of intensity in the area treated with ointment. The occurrence of side effects is a consequence of improper use of the drug or the hypersensitivity of the body to its components.


    Levomekol is a complex remedy that helps to quickly eliminate the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Its purpose is advisable both in acute and chronic forms of varicose veins of the anal veins.

    However, when using an ointment in the fight against hemorrhoids, safety precautions must be observed. Safe and proper treatment is the key to a successful recovery with the exception of the risk of side effects.

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