How to get gastritis in one day

The reasons for the occurrence of gastritis are quite a large number, and all of them are associated with improper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

The most common problem that allows you to earn this ailment is the presence of the bacterium Helicobacter pilori. This is a spiral-shaped microorganism that lives in the stomach and provokes the rapid development of gastritis. This bacterium positively reacts to the acidic environment in the stomach, it is able to attach to its walls and parasitize in the human body for a long period of time. When there is a weakening of the protective properties in the body, Helicobacter pilori begin to multiply, as a result of which toxins and enzymes are released, which allow you to quickly earn gastritis. In order to prevent the increased formation of these bacteria, it is recommended to do a series of examinations to help eliminate this problem.

Gastritis can be earned by a lack of B vitamins and iron, therefore, to prevent this reason, it is recommended to do certain tests to help determine the insufficient level of vitamins in the human body and make up for it. Rotavirus infections, which are most often observed in children, also contribute to the manifestation of this disease. The stomach is quite susceptible to the malfunctioning of the gallbladder, kidneys, intestines and thyroid gland, so these problems can make gastritis much faster than other causes. To identify pathologies in the work of the above organs, it is recommended to do an ultrasound examination.

You can earn a stomach disease not only due to the malfunctioning of the corresponding organs, but there is also the possibility of a genetic predisposition to the appearance of this disease. Gastrointestinal tract negatively affects bad habits, which include smoking, drinking alcohol or drugs. In the first case, there is a reduction in the amount of oxygen in the blood, which contributes to the appearance of spasms in the stomach, and in the second, the blood flow to the stomach increases. These factors allow you to quickly earn gastritis, and in the future, lead to stomach ulcers. Make the right choice in favor of giving up bad habits - and the stomach will not suffer!

An equally important reason for the development of gastritis is food and medication, therefore it is recommended to make a proper and balanced diet, as well as consume as few medicines as possible.

The formation and development of gastritis contributes to a number of reasons, so it is recommended to do a full examination of the body to determine them.

Do you know for sure that you should not eat with gastritis?

With exacerbation of gastritis, it is always necessary to adhere to a fairly strict diet. As the patient recovers and improves, the diet somewhat expands, and the list of what you can’t eat with gastritis, accordingly, is reduced. The list of products prohibited for each patient is selected by the doctor depending on the form and severity of the disease.
Nevertheless, there is a list of products that should not be eaten by absolutely all patients.

  • alcohol,
  • fresh bread
  • baking,
  • smoked meats
  • Rye bread,
  • fried, fatty and spicy dishes,
  • confectionery,
  • coffee,
  • carbonated drinks,
  • fast food,
  • spice,
  • canned food
  • hard salted cheeses.

How to protect the stomach?

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For every patient with gastritis, it is completely clear that damaged gastric mucous membranes must be carefully protected. Therefore, in the future they will have to be guided by the following rules.

No to spices

Absolutely all spices, up to black pepper, are among those that can not be eaten with gastritis.
This list is also complemented by all nature-savvy products, including:

Attention! For a while, you will have to completely abandon all the conservation prepared for the winter, since everything salty, sour, spicy, and also containing vinegar, falls under the ban.

No to fried and smoked

Fried foods strongly irritate the stomach and are very poorly digested, so in order to reduce the burden on the digestive system they will have to be completely abandoned. The most useful food is steamed or boiled. In extreme cases, you can sometimes diversify your diet with baked dishes, but only without a crisp.
Smoked meats are also poorly tolerated by the stomach. Therefore, in order to avoid exacerbation of the disease, it is also not recommended to use them.

No to drinks

Absolutely incompatible gastritis and alcohol. Patients are allowed to drink a little only when the symptoms of the disease completely subside, that is, remission occurs.

Tip: in the complete absence of symptoms of gastritis, only high-quality vodka or brandy is allowed.

Also an absolute taboo for exacerbation of the disease is: kvass, carbonated drinks and coffee for gastritis. But do not replace the beloved by many aromatic coffee with chicory for gastritis and drinks based on it, since it is also capable of causing an exacerbation of the disease.

What products do you need to be careful with?

Some, at first glance, safe products can cause an exacerbation of the disease, therefore, the number of products prohibited for gastritis include:

  • mayonnaise,
  • mushrooms
  • fatty meat and fish,

soups on meat, mushroom or fish broths,

  • dried fish,
  • stew,
  • dry crumbly cereals, especially millet, corn, pearl barley and barley,
  • caviar,
  • aldente pasta,
  • ghee and animal fats,
  • legumes, such as peas, beans, lentils,
  • ice cream etc.
  • You also need to be very careful about bread, as black rye bread can provoke belching and affect acidity. But white bread is fraught with danger. With gastritis, you can not eat fresh bread, since it is able to enhance the processes of decay in the stomach and increase gas formation.

    Important! It is absolutely not recommended to eat chocolate for gastritis and confectionery products with cream, as this will inevitably lead to an exacerbation of the disease.

    If you really like nuts and seeds, then you should consult a doctor whether it is possible for you to have seeds for gastritis. But we can definitely say that eating roasted seeds and nuts for gastritis is not recommended.

    Special occasion - fruits and vegetables

    Typically, vegetables and fruits have a special role in the diet of a healthy person. Nevertheless, with gastritis with these seemingly universal products, everything is quite complicated, because depending on the form of the disease, various types of vegetables and fruits may be contraindicated to patients.
    So, with gastritis, you should not eat:

    • fresh cucumbers with peel, as it is digested for a very long time,
    • grapes with gastritis are contraindicated for the reason that it begins to ferment, resulting in heartburn, bloating, nausea, vomiting, etc.,
    • melons are also unacceptable on the table of patients, since they are a product difficult for the stomach,
    • sour fruits with gastritis should not be eaten, because their juice irritates the damaged walls of the stomach,
    • peaches help increase the secretion of hydrochloric acid,
    • citrus fruits are undesirable due to the high content of fruit acids,
    • raw white cabbage,
    • spinach,
    • sorrel,
    • swede,
    • avocado.

    Speaking about fruits, it is worth mentioning apples separately, because with the right approach, they will not harm the inflamed mucous membrane and can even help in the fight against the disease. Read about how to better use them for gastritis in the article: Useful properties of apples of different varieties for gastritis.

    Thus, if patients do not want to become regular customers of gastroenterologists and earn chronic gastritis or an ulcer, they should follow the above rules. With gastritis, modesty is unnecessary, therefore, while visiting, do not be shy to ask about the composition of the dishes and the way they are prepared.
    Read an article on what you can eat with gastritis.

    What to do to prevent hemorrhoids with sedentary work

    No wonder any annoying troubles are popularly called "hemorrhoids." This only confirms the importance of a painful rectal vein disease for humans. Few people understand that existing exercises for the prevention of hemorrhoids can avoid this fate or stop the process from mild damage.

    Stagnation in the vascular hemorrhoidal ring followed by thrombosis, fissures and inflammation lead to constant pain, burning sensation in the anus. It is noted that in patients with hemorrhoids, mood and disability become dependent on the state of hemorrhoids.

    Why does sedentary hemorrhoids occur?

    Preventing hemorrhoids is especially important for people with such a formidable risk factor as sedentary work. Millions of people spend a working day sitting at computers in offices, in the driver's seat of a car, bus, in the cockpit of a manned aircraft. At the same time, the work of the heart is facilitated (there is no physical exertion), but the venous system suffers.

    A prolonged sitting position violates the outflow from the veins of the small pelvis and abdomen, reduces intestinal motility. The conditions are even more complicated with a tight belt or wearing compression underwear.

    The venous ring of the anal sphincter is designed to help the body and dump the accumulated blood into other vessels. But with a long stationary position, this adaptation mechanism does not work.

    It is possible to prevent the consequences if you follow a few rules.

    Rule from hemorrhoids №1

    Do not do what causes hemorrhoids. Observe the "can not":

    • you should not wear tight clothes and a belt,
    • to sit in a soft seat or in an armchair,
    • eat fast food and drink gas drinks,
    • eat sandwiches “dry”,
    • to do weightlifting, horse riding and cycling.

    Remember that it is not difficult to “grow” hemorrhoids, it is much more difficult to get rid of.

    Rule from hemorrhoids №2

    Take a close look at your workplace. According to ergonomics, everything should be placed within reach, but this is true hemorrhoids! Make sure that you have to get up from time to time (to the phone, photocopy).

    Replace the soft chair with a hard chair. This will not allow the gluteal muscles to relax and will be useful for exercise.

    Drivers should buy special pillows for the prevention of hemorrhoids. They are equipped with a soft massaging device and do not allow blood to stagnate.

    Rule from hemorrhoids №3

    Whatever urgent situation may arise, take breaks in work after 30–40 minutes: walk around the room. If possible, drivers should stop the car and "check the tires." At the same time, try to breathe deeply. Respiratory movements with the help of the diaphragm contribute to the suction action to the right atrium, venous blood rises to the heart faster.

    Rule from hemorrhoids №4

    Do not forget about hygienic care of the perineum. Every day, morning and evening, you need to wash yourself with water at room temperature. It’s good to use liquid soap “for intimate areas” or with chamomile additives.

    Wash the anus after each bowel movement. If you are not accustomed to empty the intestines at home, you will have to carry a bag of wet wipes with you. They are sold at the pharmacy. Plain toilet paper can injure sensitive skin in the area of ​​hemorrhoids.

    With the initial symptoms (itching of the skin, a feeling of a foreign body) in the evening, do a sitz bath with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Crystals of potassium permanganate must be diluted in a separate container, the pink solution is carefully poured into the pelvis, grains that have fallen can cause a burn on the skin.

    Take a warm bath with sea salt at least once a week. This tool allows you to tone the vascular bed and nervous system.

    Rule from hemorrhoids №5

    In your free time, walk more, visit the pool, do gymnastic exercises. Watch for overweight. Each unnecessary kilogram increases the likelihood of hemorrhoids.

    For prevention, it is especially important:

    • leg raises at an angle of 45 degrees from a prone position,
    • breeding and joining straight legs with “scissors”,
    • alternating bending of the knees,
    • throwing legs behind the head and "birch".

    During breaks, you can do a useful exercise without leaving your stool: squeeze and unclench the gluteal muscles, while simultaneously trying to draw the sphincter of the anus inside.

    Rule from hemorrhoids №6

    In the diet should not be carried away by smoked meats, hot sauces, alcohol. To prevent hemorrhoids, you need to provide regular stool without constipation. Therefore, in the diet should be a lot of vegetables, fruits. Wheat bread is better to replace with rye or "Doctor" with bran. Beetroot salad with prunes will help empty the intestines.

    In the absence of stool, you can occasionally use laxatives of plant origin: Senade, Alexandria leaf, Slabilen. Get herbal tea with laxatives from the pharmacy.

    Do not forget about the mandatory use of at least 1.5 liters of water (excluding soup and compote) per day.

    Rule from hemorrhoids №7

    Dress for the season. Protect your feet from getting wet and hypothermia. In addition to the common cold, this contributes to spasm of blood vessels in the lower parts of the body and provokes hemorrhoids.

    If there are clinical manifestations that you cannot cope with, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. Only a specialist will choose the right treatment, and it will certainly help.

    Tips on how to make yourself gastritis: acting on the contrary

    If you are thinking about how to make yourself gastritis, immediately sweep bad thoughts aside. There are people who supposedly need to get sick. But to solve your problems by harming your own body is absolutely not worth it. Knowing how you can quickly earn gastritis, it is easy to act on the contrary. After reading the information in the article, you will understand what you can’t do and what situations should be avoided.

    In order not to earn gastritis, it means the reasons for its appearance.

    • 1 Key factors
      • 1.1 Student life
      • 1.2 Spicy Food
      • 1.3 Harmful habits
      • 1.4 Medicines
      • 1.5 Personal hygiene
      • 1.6 Psychological aspects

    Key factors

    On the one hand, these recommendations talk about harmful effects on the body. Usually advised on how to live, eat and lead a healthy lifestyle. But it’s important for a person to know about what risks they have in everyday life, what is better to avoid and what should be discarded. Yes, one day you can treat yourself to something not the most useful. But you cannot turn this into a habit and norm of life.

    The main sources of the disease, or factors that lead to gastritis, are:

    • life of a student,
    • spicy food,
    • bad habits,
    • psychological aspects
    • medications,
    • personal hygiene.

    All of this can potentially be harmful if you do not follow the principles of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. So that you better understand what is at stake, we will consider each factor separately.

    Life of a student

    An interesting fact is that many people earn their gastritis during their studies at the institute, university. This is due to the lifestyle that a person leads after leaving his home. No one argues that independent living teaches a lot. But it should be conducted correctly.The following factors lead to gastritis in students and people living in this way.

    1. Schedule and lingering pairs. You need to get up early, because students are lazy to have a full breakfast. Then classes for 6 - 8 hours. In breaks, they only have enough for coffee and some kind of roll from the dining room. Many do not eat at all. Dryshot, starvation and overeating after pairs lead to the development of gastritis. You won’t earn it in 1 day, but at that pace, wait for stomach problems in the first semester.
    2. Canteen. If the student cannot cook himself, he eats in the dining room. Moreover, high-quality dining rooms are a rare occurrence. The food there is of dubious origin and far from perfect cooking. Such food disrupts the digestive tract.
    3. Hostel. There are no conditions to devote to cooking at least an hour. Need fast and nutritious. Therefore, all kinds of semi-finished products are used. You are well aware of the consequences of such a diet.
    4. Session. The most stressful period in a student’s life, when he does not sleep, prepares, eats what falls into his arm and drinks a huge amount of coffee so as not to fall asleep. Plus, some use energy. They are already harmful, and on an empty stomach they instantly destroy the mucous membrane.
    5. Hot food. Students, like many other people, do not have time to wait until food reaches its optimum temperature. They drink hot drinks, eat hot food, and they often add spices there for spiciness. A great way to quickly earn a gastritis with all the ensuing consequences.

    With students and the like, everything is clear. Many of you went through this, because they know that it is incredibly easy for them to get gastritis.

    Spicy food

    In some countries, spicy food is part of the culture. But they have no gastritis. It's just that their organisms are adapted to such food, therefore they react normally. But even a prepared body will have problems if you consume very spicy foods every day and in large quantities.

    What can we say about our compatriots, whose organisms are definitely not used to chili pepper and similar additives. With their help, you can get gastritis in two days, if you try. To do this, it is enough to eat hot pepper for 2 to 3 things for several days at each meal. Bad advice. But do you remember that you need to act on the contrary? Try to avoid any spices, seasonings and dishes that are overly spicy for you. Do not try to prove to someone that you can eat it. The stomach does not forgive this.

    For the treatment of gastritis and ulcers, our readers successfully use Monastic Tea. Seeing the popularity of this product, we decided to offer it to your attention.
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    Bad habits

    Another easy way, as you can without any problems and efforts to earn yourself gastritis. Many people suffer from bad habits. But this method is considered the most enjoyable. Some enjoy them. And over time, they discover a whole scattering of diseases.

    1. Smoking. The global problem of mankind, whose solutions are not yet available. And nobody is going to invent them, because the tobacco business is one of the most profitable in the world. Active and passive smoking is equally dangerous for people. When you breathe in smoke, it stimulates the production of saliva. It mixes with nicotine and penetrates the stomach. The walls are annoyed and destroyed. First you get gastritis, and then ulcers and erosion.
    2. Alcohol. Another method that a huge number of people use to get gastritis. Moreover, most do it unconsciously. Alcohol-containing drinks act like tobacco. Supplements the negative impact of food, which is called a snack. Usually it is fatty, salty, smoked and spicy. A killer combination for the whole body.

    They are created to treat a person from various diseases. But they can also provoke illnesses. This applies to cases where there is no professional control over medications. Do not forget, these are all chemicals. Exceeding the dosage leads to poisoning of the human body. There are a number of tablets and drugs that act as stimulants for the release of hydrochloric acid, which is contained in the stomach. Its excess entails irritation and destruction of the mucosa. If you do not control what is allegedly being treated, then a few weeks is enough for you to be diagnosed with gastritis.

    Personal hygiene

    More precisely, its non-compliance. This is one of the most ineffective methods for those who seek to earn gastritis. To achieve the goal, you need to eat unwashed foods, bite your nails, stick dirty fingers into the oral cavity, etc. Do not wash your hands just before meals, and then problems in the form of gastritis will certainly appear. Every day the amount of hygiene products on store shelves is increasing. Only now the number of clean people from this does not grow. Strange, but regularity.

    Psychological aspects

    No wonder they say that half of the disease in our head. Man is an impressionable creature, therefore, any potential problems cause anxiety, fear and stress. People whose nervous system cannot boast of resistance are among the most prone to gastritis. Combine this factor with any other of the above, and you will increase the probability of getting sick twice.

    Thoughts and experiences that the brain generates are ultimately displayed on the state of internal organs. This is a proven fact. Therefore, do not invent yourself unnecessary problems. The problem of gastritis is familiar to many. Statistics say that the number of people with this diagnosis is growing steadily. But you do not have to be one of them. Knowing what leads to gastritis, you can at least try to avoid this effect. It is not that difficult.

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    Causes of gastritis # 8212, Helicobacter pylori and not only

    Home »Prevention of gastritis» Causes of gastritis # 8212, Helicobacter pylori and not only

    Attention: the information is not intended for self-medication. We do not guarantee its accuracy, reliability and relevance in your case (although we strive for this). Treatment should be prescribed by a specialist doctor.

    The causes of gastritis have already been discussed in an article devoted to the issue of its prevention. Now we recommend that you dwell on this issue in more detail and in detail.

    Alas, getting gastritis is very easy, much easier than it seems # 8230,

    Helicobacter pilori and other factors

    At the moment, the main cause of chronic gastritis is considered to be the negative effect of Helicobacter pylori bacteria.

    This microorganism was discovered relatively recently, in the second half of the twentieth century.

    It is known that Helicobacter bacteria live in the stomach of many people, but their presence in most cases appears only when appropriate conditions arise.

    Systemic disorders of the body

    An adverse role is sometimes played by a deficiency of vitamins and beneficial elements. Among the substances necessary for normal digestion, include B vitamins, iron, etc.

    The cause of gastritis can be enetroviruses, rotaviruses. Especially often they are picked up by young children attending kindergarten or primary school.

    The stomach is very sensitive to the malfunctioning of the gallbladder, kidneys, intestines, and thyroid gland.

    Bad habits

    Often, the background for gastritis is:

    • alcoholism (including # 8212, beer),
    • smoking,
    • addiction to drugs.

    Drinking alcohol causes blood flow to the stomach. From this, the lining of the stomach becomes more vulnerable to acids.

    A single use of good wine, of course, is not a tragedy, but systematic libations lead to sad consequences almost always. Moreover, gastritis is not the worst disease that can provoke drunkenness. If you drink, try to at least follow the minimum precautions.

    Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood. After a cigarette is smoked, an unpleasant sensation of # 8212, spasm, may occur in the stomach. Novice smokers usually feel it.

    But many smokers with experience for some reason stop paying attention to such details, explaining the emerging diseases with anything but a bad habit.

    Poor nutrition

    The stomach is forced to take all the food that a person eats during the day. The mucous membrane of the stomach suffers if it is constantly destroyed by too hot, spicy, poorly chewed food.

    The cause of inflammation of the stomach is sometimes banal gluttony. The rhythm of life of a modern person very easily gives rise to the problem of overeating # 8212, we have no time to eat in the afternoon (work # 8212, the main thing!), And in the evening, left alone with a refrigerator, we hastily make up for lost opportunities to enjoy.

    Uncontrolled medication

    If the mucous membrane can damage the excess pepper in the garnish, then it is easy to guess what damage the chemicals contained in some tablets and potions can cause damage to the internal coat of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Passion for drugs is especially often the cause of gastritis in elderly people: over the years, all ailments ignored in youth worsen, and a person begins to feverishly solve health problems through intensive use of drugs.

    Adverse working conditions

    Many years of work in an industrial plant, in the dust or under the constant influence of certain chemicals # 8212, is another step towards gastritis.

    Restless work in the office, by the way, in some circumstances also contributes to the emergence of gastroenterological problems.

    The judgment that all the sores # 8212 is from experiences is not so naive.

    Gastritis as a result of genetic predisposition

    The tendency to gastroenterological ailments is often hereditary. It is the genetic features that explain the type A. gastritis, which occurs with impaired immune function.

    It is more rare than bacterial inflammation (type B), but it is still impossible to discount it. Suddenly you are # 8212, the same one who is thoroughly out of luck?

    Remember if any of your grandparents suffered from serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Similar cases were? So, be doubly attentive to your own health.

    How to earn a stomach ulcer quickly?

    Many healthy conscripts are wondering: how to make a stomach ulcer to slope? An article about how you don’t have to act is army by army, and health is more important.

    Stomach ulcer is a chronic disease characterized by the presence of ulcerative defects on the walls of an organ. Most often, men over 40 years of age suffer from this disease. But every year, peptic ulcer disease is increasingly found in young people. With an ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, they are not accepted into the army. That is why some recruits have a question, how to make a stomach ulcer?

    Ulcer Factors

    First you need to consider the causes that can lead to this disease:

    alcohol and cigarettes increase the chances of earning a stomach ulcer

    • Frequent stresses. You can fall into a prolonged depression and see in everything only the bad. It is recommended that you drink your depression with strong alcoholic drinks without biting and smoking cigarettes from morning to evening. But this method can lead not only to an ulcer, but also to other dangerous diseases, so you can get to the other world ahead of time, and no army is already terrible there.
    • Nocturnal lifestyle. To get a stomach ulcer and other diseases you need to sleep as little as possible. You should lead a night life for this, nightclubs are perfect, you can drink and smoke there, but just do not bite. In addition, you should drink carbonated drinks in liters and eat only chips and crackers. In this case, life will be bright, but short.
    • You can’t eat. Healthy foods should be discarded; you can only eat fried, smoked, spicy and overly salty foods. Cakes and pastries are especially useful, as well as instant noodles with a bunch of different spices. Drink food should be extremely strong coffee, and do not forget to smoke cigarettes, preferably a few packs a day. In this case, there will be not only a stomach ulcer, but also problems with the lungs and other digestive organs, then they will definitely not be taken into the army, no one is needed there with disabilities.
    • There are pills in handfuls. Many conscripts are looking for a way how to make a stomach ulcer quickly. There is one method, but it can be compared with suicide, because it is not known whether a person can survive after it or not. Taking aspirin in large quantities corrodes the gastric mucosa and can lead to an ulcer, and if not lucky, it can cause severe bleeding, perforation of the ulcer and peritonitis. All these complications are life-threatening, as they can result in death.
    draftees on the medical board

    Stomach ulcer # 8212, this is a very dangerous disease, which is accompanied by symptoms such as severe pain, nausea and vomiting, flatulence, and digestive upset. People with this diagnosis have to constantly follow a diet and swallow pills. That is why, before looking for options on how to make a stomach ulcer quickly, you should think carefully about why you need such “happiness”.

    Diagnosis of gastritis

    Based on complaints, medical history, objective examination data. After the diagnosis is carried out, the doctor prescribes the treatment, having established a preliminary diagnosis. To do this, you must go through the prescribed instrumental studies.

    Blood tests. Based on a general blood test, anemia can be identified that indicates chronic bleeding from the stomach. An increase in the erythrocyte sedimentation rate indicates the presence of an inflammatory process in the body. A test is being performed to detect antibodies to H. pylori. A positive response confirms that the bacterium previously entered the body, but does not indicate a direct infection at the moment.

    Breath test With the help of the test, infection with H. pylori is currently checked.

    Fecal analysis. Determines the presence or absence of H. pylori. A positive response allows you to diagnose a possible ongoing infection.

    EGDFS. The method by which the diagnosis of gastritis is most reliably performed. Allows you to consider the mucosa of the upper gastrointestinal tract, to assess the condition of the mucous membrane. With the help of additional tools, it is possible to extract the gastric contents, on the basis of which the type of acidity is diagnosed, and if necessary, take a biopsy. This diagnostic method requires prior preparation of the patient. The study is performed on an empty stomach, and before the endoscope is inserted, the oral cavity and pharynx are anesthetized. There are practically no side effects and certain complications, with the exception of a feeling of numbness, which disappears after some time. It is necessary to warn the doctor before the procedure in case of allergic reactions to medications.

    X-ray examination using barium suspension. After the patient takes barium, a fluoroscopy is performed. Thanks to the received substance, filling defects are visualized, since the liquid covers the digestive tract from the inside.

    Based on a complete diagnosis after the examination, you receive adequate treatment.

    Gastritis treatment

    Acute gastritis, caused by excessive use of NSAIDs or alcohol, after the termination of their intake in the body can be quite easily cured.

    Regarding chronic gastritis:

    1. With low acidity, Plantaglucid, wormwood tincture, etc. are prescribed to enhance the secretion of hydrochloric acid.
    2. With increased acidity, antacids, sodium-potassium ATP inhibitors, H2 receptor blockers, m-anticholinergics are prescribed.
    3. When Helicobacter pylori infection is confirmed, 1, 2 or 3 antibacterial drugs + antisecretory drugs + Bismuth drugs are prescribed.
    4. After 2-6 weeks, a diagnosis is made to identify the success of the eradication of the H. Pylori bacteria.
    5. Perhaps an additional prescription of drugs at the discretion of the attending physician.

    Gastritis Prevention

    Tips to reduce the likelihood of gastritis.

    Not simple, but very important advice: keep a reasonable diet. Eat small amounts, but 5-6 times a day. Reduce the amount of spices. Prefer not fatty or non-fried foods, but cook food and eat lean foods. Nutrition of this kind will greatly alleviate the condition with an existing disease.

    Refuse or limit the use of alcoholic beverages as much as possible to avoid irritation and corrosion of the gastric mucosa.

    Stop smoking. Smoking increases the susceptibility to gastritis and ulcers. Stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid, increases the risk of developing stomach cancer.

    Limit the use of NSAIDs, such as Aspirin, Naproxen, Ibuprofen. One of the side effects of these drugs is the ability to cause inflammation of the stomach or worsen an already diagnosed disease. Give preference to preparations containing acetaminophen.

    Watch the video: Stomach Ulcer. Nucleus Health (December 2019).