How to cure atrophic gastritis at home

Atrophic gastritis is an insidious disease. It does not always cause any pain or perceptible discomfort, and people usually do not understand the danger of metabolic disorders that develop because of the death of normal cells of the stomach.
So gradually, if the treatment of atrophic gastritis is not carried out, this pathology turns into cancer without any symptoms. But only two or three medications and long-term diet can help.

Types of treatment

In case of atrophic gastritis, only conservative treatment is performed:

  • it does not make sense to delete anything, since the areas of atrophy are more or less foci,
  • before the cells are reborn as cancerous, they can still (and should) be brought back to life,
  • only with the help of conservative methods, one can gently induce the mucous membrane of the stomach to recover, then feed into the further lying parts of the digestive tract the food needed for the metabolism.

Conservative treatment of chronic atrophic gastritis is based on the "three whales":

  1. Diet: foods must be specific as well as cooked in a special way so that the intestine is not only not affected by the fact that they were not properly treated with hydrochloric acid, but also could take from them everything that a depleted body needs.
  2. Drug treatment. In this case, the doctor decides how to treat atrophic gastritis of the stomach according to the results of the research:
    • fibrogastroscopy (possibly with a biopsy),
    • determining the presence of Helicobacter pylori as a cause of gastritis (the test is usually carried out simultaneously with feggs),
    • gastric sensing to determine the acidity in it.
  3. Therapy folk remedies. Being selected by a doctor who is familiar with the “stomach picture”, they help to achieve the goals of treatment without overloading the body with chemical compounds.

Is it possible to cure atrophic gastritis? It is possible if minimal focal changes have occurred in the stomach. If a person turned for help already at the stage of diffuse atrophy, then with the help of a long-term diet he can only restore some parts of the mucous membrane and stop further progression of the disease.

Drug therapy

Treatment of both focal atrophic gastritis and its diffuse variant is carried out as follows:

  1. Drugs are prescribed to improve the movement of food from the stomach to the intestines. They effectively fight nausea.
  2. If there is a decrease in the production of hydrochloric acid, prescribed preparations containing natural gastric juice.
  3. Since a reduced amount of hydrochloric acid reduces the production of its enzymes by the pancreas, which are necessary for the implementation of digestion, such enzymes are appointed in the form of synthetic preparations.
  4. Violation of food processing in the stomach leads to vitamin deficiencies. The exchange of B12 and folic acid is particularly affected, which also reduces the level of hemoglobin. To correct this condition, not only vitamin complexes are used, but also separately cyanocobalamin and folic acid.

The specifics of the treatment of atrophic hyperplastic inflammation

Treatment of atrophic hyperplastic gastritis depends on the cause of the disease:

  1. Most often, such an inflammatory process on the gastric mucosa is caused by the bacterium Helicobacter, so specific therapy is immediately prescribed. It consists of two antibacterial agents, as well as agents that protect the stomach from hydrochloric acid. Such treatment is carried out for 7 days, after which tests for the presence of Helicobacter in the stomach are repeated.
  2. To eliminate pain in the stomach, a combination of antispasmodic and anticholinergic preparations is used.

A warning! Preparations of these two groups are prescribed only by a gastroenterologist after examination and other research.

  • If there is an increase in the pH of the stomach, drugs that stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid are prescribed. If the acidity is high, blockers of its production are assigned.
  • It is necessary to take drugs that improve the regeneration of the gastric mucosa.
  • Recommendation! The use of any drugs without dieting is ineffective. In addition, it is necessary to stop smoking and taking alcohol in any quantities.

    How to eat with atrophic gastritis

    Food for atrophic gastritis of the stomach should be carried out according to the following rules:
    The basis of the diet:

    • spicy dishes,
    • food cooked by frying,
    • pickled products
    • alcohol,
    • coffee,
    • chocolate,
    • cakes,
    • candies,
    • breaded fish
    • legumes,
    • canned food
    • mushrooms

    Diet for focal atrophic gastritis allows a person to eat:

    • chicken noodle broth,
    • meatballs
    • baked pumpkin with honey,
    • cheese casserole,
    • omelette,
    • mashed potatoes,
    • boiled fish
    • egg and milk sauces,
    • cocoa,
    • weak tea
    • boiled veal,
    • rabbit burgers,
    • mousses, jelly, honey,
    • sandwiches from a dried piece of bread (up to 400 g / day) with low-fat cheese and butter (up to 25 g / day).

    Acute form

    Active gastritis in symptoms and the course of the disease strongly resembles superficial inflammation of the stomach. There is swelling, leukocyte penetration into tissues, plethora of vessel walls, the process of erosion of the stomach walls and destruction of the epithelium.

    Often develops under the influence of the penetration of harmful chemicals into the body. The influence of a strong pathogen leads to intoxication, cardiac arrest and respiration. There are many cases of death of patients.

    Chronic form

    Inactive gastritis is accompanied by gradual atrophy of cells, under the influence of which the process of altering the suction, motor and secretory functions of the stomach occurs.

    Involvement in the pathogenesis of neighboring organs, such as the esophagus, duodenum, pancreas and endocrine glands and liver, is often observed.

    Intoxication results in damage to the nervous system and changes in the blood formation process.

    Symptoms similar to gastritis with low acidity.

    Focal form

    The appearance of focal pathologies on the walls of the stomach is often accompanied by increased acidity. The symptoms are almost indistinguishable from ordinary gastritis, and the only difference is that there is an increased secretion of hydrochloric acid in the affected areas.

    The focal form is manifested by the rejection of fatty meat, dairy products and eggs by the body, after consumption of which heartburn, nausea and vomiting begin.

    Moderate form

    Mild gastric lesions can only be detected by histological examination of cells. Symptomatology is characterized by slight epigastric discomfort after taking heavy meals. Pain rarely occurs.

    There are also superficial, antral and diffuse forms that are an early harbinger of gastric atrophy.

    What do doctors say about atrophic gastritis, watch the video:


    To diagnose the disease you need to consult a doctor-gastroenterologist.

    If the cause of the disease was chemical or toxic substances, then intervention of specialists in the field of surgery, narcology and toxicology will be required.

    To accurately determine the diagnosis, the specialist prescribes the following studies:

    • x-ray examination of the stomach,
    • tests for the presence of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori in the organ,
    • swallowing the gastric tube,
    • histological studies
    • determination of pH in the stomach.

    An article about the treatment of gastritis folk remedies.

    On the treatment of Helicobacter pylori folk remedies, read this article.

    Proper treatment can not take place without a radical revision of food habits and lifestyle changes in general.

    Nutritionists will come to the rescue, who will make up the diet, excluding spicy, spicy, fatty, smoked food, alcohol, coffee, soda, cigarettes, etc. from it.

    Daily food should be fractional: 5-6 meals, in small portions.

    Be sure to bring the weight back to normal and include in the daily schedule at least half an hour of exercise and try to avoid stressful situations.

    It is recommended to periodically go to sanatoriums specializing in such diseases.

    Drugs for treatment

    Treatment of the disease with the help of medicines is necessary only during periods of exacerbations of the disease. Prescribing a specific drug depends on the results of a comprehensive diagnosis and a specific type of gastritis.

    Most commonly used:

    • antibacterial drugs to fight Helicobacter pylori,
    • beverages that stimulate the secretion process (dogrose broth, medicinal mineral water, diluted lemon and tomato juice),
    • anti-inflammatory gels with an enveloping effect (Vikalin, Almagel, Phosphalugel),
    • drugs that prevent impaired motility (Trimedat).

    Treatment of folk remedies

    This disease has always been one of the most common on the planet. Traditional healers offer dozens of options on how to remove symptoms and alleviate the course of gastritis.

    Relieve the course of the disease will help massage the abdomen, cervical vertebrae and spine. The specific type of massage depends on the acidity of the stomach.

    You can apply clay and honey-flour compresses on the stomach in the area of ​​the affected stomach.

    It is recommended to take baths with sage, and the water temperature should be equal to the body temperature of the patient.

    Gastritis tinctures

    An excellent remedy to improve the secretion of the stomach, restore appetite and combat stomach disorders is infusion of calamus.

    For its preparation, it is enough to mix 15 grams of crushed calamus roots with a liter of brandy and put to insist on the sun for six weeks.

    Then strain through cheesecloth, add 100 g of honey and leave the resulting tincture for another month.

    Take twice a day for a teaspoon before meals.

    Herbal Fees

    There are dozens of fees that help to normalize the level of acidity and help in the treatment of the disease.

    In the case of atrophic gastritis need marigold, St. John's wort and shepherd's bag. Pour into a thermos on a tablespoon of each plant, pour in a liter of boiling water, add 5 tablespoons of honey, let the mixture stand for 24 hours.

    Take a glass an hour before breakfast and lunch. Ideally, if the patient completely refuses to dinner, or make the evening meal as easy as possible.

    Infusions, decoctions and jelly during gastritis

    Gastritis treatment involves drinking plenty of water, including:

    • chamomile infusion, soothing foci on the mucous. It is enough to pour two spoons of dried chamomile into a liter thermos, add boiling water and honey to improve the taste,
    • dogrose decoction, containing a large number of trace elements and vitamins. Two tablespoons of leaves and berries of the plant boil with 0.5 liters of water and cook for 10 minutes. Eat between meals 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment is 4-6 weeks,
    • Kissels perfectly envelop the stomach wall. The only rule is that the pudding should not be too sweet or sour, otherwise you can choose any permitted berries.

    Useful juices

    Juices should be natural and in no case the ones that are sold in cardboard boxes in stores:

    • mix 50 ml. cabbage and beet juice with 100 ml. water and drink 2 times a day before meals,
    • take 25 ml. carrot and potato juice, add 50 ml. beet juice and dilute drink 100 ml. water.

    The course of treatment with juices should be continued continuously until the full recovery.

    Delicious gastritis treatment

    Treatment can be fun, as evidenced by the following products:

    • Bilberry, effectively fighting Helicobacter pylori, stops constipation and reduces pain during colic,
    • bananas that reduce inflammation and effectively envelop the stomach,
    • dill seeds, which are recommended even for small children,
    • cumin, which can be added to dishes as a seasoning.

    A complete cure for the disease depends not only on the doctors, but also on the person himself and on how he will be able to rebuild his habits and lifestyle.

    Gastritis is a very unpleasant disease, but with the right approach to treatment, you can gradually minimize its effect on the stomach.

    Why is recommended treatment with folk remedies

    In addition to the main drug therapy, the doctor may recommend the treatment of atrophic gastritis with folk remedies. Since the disease is chronic, it is required to constantly stimulate the digestive processes.

    Drugs, although they cope perfectly with this task, but they have a number of contraindications and can cause side effects. And the components of traditional medicine are practically devoid of these shortcomings. They can be used for a long time and do not adversely affect the excretory system.

    For the treatment of atrophic gastritis should be used substances that:

    • reduce or increase the acidity of gastric juice (depending on the diagnosis),
    • reduce inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract,
    • saturated with vitamins and beneficial elements (to eliminate hypovitaminosis),
    • help to improve digestion and peristalsis.

    Folk remedies to help with atrophic gastritis

    Treatment with folk remedies should be coordinated with the attending physician and carried out after the final diagnosis. In the period of exacerbation of atrophic gastritis, medication is required to quickly and effectively deal with the symptoms. During remission, it is better to adhere to the prescribed diet and conduct a course of therapy with folk methods to stop the development of the disease.

    Products of traditional medicine, recommended for low acidity

    If the indicators of hydrochloric acid are lowered, then this leads to the fact that food entering the stomach is digested poorly. In order for the body to assimilate such trace elements as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, a certain pH level is necessary, if it is insufficient, then absorption does not occur.

    To increase the acidity of gastric juice, you can use the following recipes:

    • Blender or grinder, chop the leaves of cabbage. The resulting juice should be drunk 30 minutes before the meal. On the first day, drink half a glass of juice, then the dose gradually increases and by the end of the month is already a whole glass. The course is 30 days.
    • Take 250 g of black currant berries (you can use fresh or frozen) and fill them with 500 ml of warm water. Bring to a boil, then squeeze the berries and strain. Drink 200 ml of black currant juice in the morning one hour before breakfast for one week.
    • One tablespoon of dried crushed plantain pour boiling water and leave for ten minutes. Drink decoction is recommended three times a day before meals for a third cup. Plantain not only increases acidity, but also has anti-inflammatory action.
    • 20 g of root of elecampane fill with water and bring to a boil. As soon as the water boils, remove from the heat and let the broth soak for at least an hour. It is recommended to drink liquid a spoon a day for 10–14 days.

    Calamus root

    It normalizes acidity and relieves heartburn. To prepare the infusion take one teaspoon of the root and pour boiling water, leave to infuse for two hours. It is necessary to consume liquid in 5 minutes prior to a meal.

    You can cook tincture from the root of the calamus.200 ml of vodka take 2 tablespoons of chopped root and leave to be fed for two weeks. The tincture is also drunk before meals in 4–5 drops.

    It can be consumed in its pure form (four times a day, 50 grams) during the period of the diet, or you can make tincture. 200 ml of vodka take 250 grams of honey and the same amount of Kalanchoe juice. Infuse the liquid for a month. You need to drink one tablespoon on an empty stomach. The course of therapy is up to 25 days.

    Oil plants need to take 1 teaspoon half an hour before meals for one month. It nourishes the cells of the stomach and reduces inflammation.

    Medicinal plants

    Useful decoction of the leaves of the plantain, wormwood, immortelle inflorescences, calendula flowers and St. John's wort. The components are taken in equal parts (except for Hypericum, it needs three parts). Spoon of collection is thrown into boiling water and left to languish on the fire for another quarter of an hour. Drink a decoction of a third glass 30 minutes before meals.

    Recipes for the restoration of the gastric mucosa

    The most effective folk remedies in the treatment of atrophic gastritis are various decoctions of herbs with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and freshly squeezed vegetable juices.

    Herbal and decoctions:

    • It will help to restore the mucous tissue of the stomach collection of St. John's wort, herding bag and marigold. The grass is taken in the same proportion (approximately 5 g each) and scalded with boiling water. After the infusion has cooled, you can add a spoonful of honey and let it stand for a day. It is necessary to drink means on 150 ml in an hour to food.
    • To relieve painful sensations in the stomach area is capable of decorating immortelle (10 g), sage (10 g), cinquefoil root (10 g) and caraway (5 g). All ingredients need to boil for half an hour, then let cool and refrigerate overnight so that it is infused. Drink a decoction of 175 ml once a day for 14 days.
    • Dogrose decoction has anti-inflammatory, tonic, choleretic, sedative effect. For its preparation you can take both fruits and leaves. The mixture is filled with water and boiled after boiling for 10 minutes. After the liquid has cooled, you can drink it. The maximum benefit from the broth will be if you use it an hour before meals. You need to drink at least 5 weeks 4 times a day.
    • Chamomile extract has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and regenerating effects. Two tablespoons of dried flowers are scalded with a glass of boiling water. The cooled liquid can be sweetened with honey or sugar.

    • Dill seeds can relieve stomach pain and aid digestion. For infusion requires a tablespoon of crushed seeds and 2 cups boiling water. Leave to brew for 2 hours. Drink before meals twice a day.
    • The infusion of parsley root helps to restore the gastric mucosa. Dried root is crushed and poured boiling water, insist 30 minutes.
    • Flax seeds have an enveloping effect and eliminate heartburn. They are boiled for 10 minutes, then the broth is filtered. To drink liquid on an empty stomach no more than 100 ml per reception.
    • Eliminate the pain and reduce inflammation will help the following recipe. For the collection of grass, you will need 3 tablespoons of dried flowers of black elderberry and the same amount of chamomile, 2 tablespoons of lemon balm and mint, and one spoonful of lime flowers and fennel fruit. Throw in a tablespoon of the resulting collection in boiling water and cook over low heat for 10 minutes. Leave it for two hours. Drink between meals for a third glass.
    • The following recipe for traditional medicine will help relieve inflammation and get rid of the symptoms of atrophic gastritis. Mix the same amount of honey, aloe juice and butter. The resulting mass is a tablespoon about half an hour before meals. The course of therapy is two weeks, then you need a break. Repeat if necessary.

    Diet for atrophic gastritis

    To avoid further development of atrophic gastritis, it is important not only to drink medicines and use traditional remedies, but also to follow certain rules. It is the unhealthy diet that becomes the root cause of all pathological processes occurring in the stomach.

    For atrophic gastritis, it is recommended to adhere to the following recommendations: food should be warm. Too hot can injure the mucous membrane of the esophagus and stomach.

    It is important to eat fractional. This means that you need to eat food in small portions, but often (6-8 times a day). So you can avoid the unpleasant symptoms of gastritis that occur after a meal (feeling of heaviness, bloating, rumbling).

    The intervals between meals should be the same, it is better to eat on a schedule. It is recommended to use only fresh products, past high-quality temperature processing. In case of gastritis of atrophic type, it is forbidden to eat fried, smoked, pickled, salted, spicy. It is necessary to exclude alcoholic beverages and smoking.

    The term diet implies some restrictions associated with taking certain foods. With atrophic gastritis, many foods are banned. One of the recommendations of doctors is to refuse from unprocessed fruits and vegetables. However, there are fruits and berries that doctors recommend to use.

    These include bananas, blueberries and apples. Bananas contain many beneficial vitamins and trace elements and help relieve inflammation of the digestive tract. It is recommended to eat after meals. Bilberry has regenerating properties. It should be eaten fresh 1 tsp in the morning before meals.

    Green apple should be eaten in the shabby form on an empty stomach. You can make a dessert from 200 g of apples, 0.5 kg of pumpkin, 50 ml of lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey. Apple and pumpkin grind in mush, add lemon juice and honey. There is in the morning.

    What foods can not be eaten during gastritis

    All products can be divided into acid-forming and alkali-forming. Studies show that if a patient has an increased acidity of the stomach and he refuses acidic products, the symptoms disappear after a two-week diet.

    This means that a balanced diet will help prolong the stage of remission and significantly slow down the atrophic processes occurring in the tissues of the gastric mucosa. Products capable of increasing the acidity of gastric juice:

    • spice,
    • bright fruit and sour juices,
    • coffee, chocolate
    • pickled,
    • animal products with high fat content,
    • roast,
    • alcohol,
    • tomatoes, apples,
    • onion garlic,
    • foods that contain a lot of sugar.

    Acidity products containing potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium are lowered. But their surplus can badly affect the body as a whole. There is a daily need for these elements. You can lower the pH by eating cereals, boiled vegetables, steamed or steamed vegetables, non-acidic apples, pears, bananas, dietary meat and fish, cottage cheese, cream.

    If atrophic gastritis is diagnosed, then the patient should not easily change his diet for some time, and completely exclude certain foods, regardless of the stage of the disease. This will help get rid of unpleasant symptoms and slow down the atrophic process. It is useful to make new habits, for example, to replace coffee with chamomile or rosehip tea.

    What does traditional medicine offer?

    The doctor prescribes the reception of decoctions of herbs that stimulate the production of gastric juice

    Treatment of atrophic gastritis folk remedies includes the use of such recipes:

    1. 100 ml of heated freshly squeezed white cabbage juice to drink half an hour before meals.
    2. Take 30 ml of potato juice three times a day, before meals. This tool has been successfully used to treat inflammation of the gastric mucosa by more than one generation of supporters of traditional medicine. Read the article about potato juice in gastritis and learn about all its medicinal properties, about the nuances of cooking, as well as about contraindications.
    3. For breakfast there is a grated raw green apple (200 g) mixed with grated raw pumpkin (600 g), ¼ cup of lemon juice and 1 tsp. honey After that, 3-4 hours is nothing.
    4. Eat 1 tsp of fresh blueberries, ground with sugar, before breakfast.
    5. In equal parts, 50 g each, take the leaves of the triad, immortelle, sage leaves, mint, St. John's wort, angelica root, eyebright herb, calamus rhizome, dill seeds, sagebrush herb mix in a dry form. Then take 1 tbsp. mixture and pour a glass of boiling water over it, insist 3 hours, strain and drink before eating. So you need to do three times a day.
    6. Take a decoction of chamomile, bought in a pharmacy, prepared according to the prescription on the box.
    7. Take 50 g of calamus root, dandelion, sage, peppermint, calendula flowers, St. John's wort, chamomile, plantain leaves, chop everything, mix. 4 tbsp. pour a liter of boiling water, take 100 ml three times a day.

    Thus, you can stop the progression of atrophy of the gastric mucosa and avoid the development of cancer by dieting and taking the necessary medicines. Addition of various decoctions and herbal infusions will complement such therapy.

    Symptoms of atrophic gastritis

    If a patient experiences the symptoms described below, it can be assumed that pathological processes have begun in the body. To cope with the disease at an early stage, it is necessary to seek medical help and undergo a full examination to confirm the problem.

    Symptoms include:

    • Pain in the stomach and abdomen,
    • Feeling of heaviness and lump
    • Food, even light, is practically not digested. because of what the patient complains of the severity of the stomach, bloating, increased gas formation,
    • Persistent constipation or indigestion,
    • Intense pains caused by improper food and alcohol abuse
    • When the stage of gastritis is neglected, skin problems are observed, hair falls out, and nails become brittle.

    Most often, atrophic gastritis develops without visible symptoms, so it is advisable to seek medical help if there is no appetite and discomfort in the abdominal cavity appears.

    When atrophic gastritis problems with appetite due to improper operation of enzymes. Even substances entering the body are practically not absorbed, so the patient suffers from a nutritional deficiency.

    With a deficit of hydrochloric acid, a special diet is recommended, aimed at improving the production of gastric juice and the regeneration of damaged areas of the stomach walls. Proper diet should be based on the following principles:

    1. Food is balanced and organic - the proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins, micro- and macronutrients, necessary for normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, should be equally ingested.
    2. It is better to give preference to food that is easily digested. Such food practically does not irritate the damaged walls of the stomach and requires a small amount of gastric juice for digestion.
    3. Food in patients with gastritis should have a higher energy value than food of ordinary healthy people.
    4. Exclude from the diet foods rich in fiber and connective tissues. Negative impact on the mucous membrane has fried and baked foods, canned foods, alcoholic beverages.
    5. Food is best steamed or boiled, food that is difficult to digest, it is desirable to grind in a blender.
    6. Meals should be frequent, but there should be a small amount of food.
    7. Make dishes attractive and add acceptable flavoring to increase appetite.
    8. Remember that with atrophic gastritis in the stomach is insufficient hydrochloric acid, which creates favorable conditions for the development of bacteria and pathogenic organisms. In case of gastritis, it is necessary to wash all the food and treat the hands with an antiseptic solution before eating.

    Treatment of atrophic gastritis folk remedies

    Many patients who first diagnose atrophic gastritis, are wondering how to treat the disease with folk remedies.

    Healers offer numerous folk remedies for the treatment of atrophic gastritis at home. If you follow the diet described above and take the described means, you can permanently forget about the problem of gastritis.

    Calamus rhizomes

    Calamus root has long been famous for its healing properties. If you use the root during gastritis, you can forget about problems with indigestion. Root stimulates the production of gastric juice, increases appetite and facilitates the process of assimilation of nutrients. The plant is often used to treat atrophic gastritis and other types of gastritis.

    In addition to the treatment of gastritis, calamus root is used to eliminate inflammation in the upper respiratory tract, to eliminate problems with the circulatory system, with sinusitis.

    Another advantage of calamus root is the ability to stimulate the brain and increase the production of red blood cells. Using calamus root for gastritis will not only forget about problems with the stomach, but also make the body healthier on all fronts.

    When the first symptoms of gastritis appear, it is necessary to prepare a healing agent consisting of the following ingredients:

    • 15 grams of fresh or dried calamus root,
    • 1 liter of qualitative 40% cognac,
    • May honey - 100 grams.

    Calamus root is cleaned, cleaned and chopped. The resulting mixture is filled with brandy, placed in a sunny place for six weeks. The resulting tincture is filtered, honey is added, after which the mixture is infused with light for another month. The tincture is filtered again and poured into a suitable container, the final maturation takes place in a dark cold room (preferably in the basement).

    It is better to use means before food for strengthening of appetite.

    The collection of herbs №1

    To prepare an effective folk remedy for atrophic gastritis, it is sufficient to mix the following herbs in a container: St. John's wort (100 g), flax seed (20 grams), plantain, yarrow, peppermint, angelica root, cumin seeds (50 grams each ingredient), and 20 gram grass yarrow.

    These ingredients are thoroughly mixed. 1 teaspoon of the mixture is poured into a container and poured with boiled hot water. Additionally boil the broth is not necessary, enough to insist it for 10 minutes. The resulting broth is filtered, it is necessary to drink 200 ml of the mixture before each meal. The tool can be taken not only for atrophic gastritis, but also for other problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Treatment continues until all unpleasant symptoms disappear.

    The collection of herbs №2

    Mix the following herbs in a container (50 grams each):

    • Herbs: Eyebright, wormwood, sweet clover, St. John's wort, immortelle,
    • Seeds: dill,
    • Leaves: sage, mint, triad,
    • Root: calamus, dagil.

    Take a teaspoon of ingredients, put in a container, pour a glass of hot water. It is not necessary to boil the mixture, just leave it to infuse for a while. It is worth to drink half a glass before each meal. The course of treatment continues for 2-3 months, after which a short break is taken.

    When atrophic gastritis shows the use of blueberries, ground with sugar. You can use both fresh and frozen blueberries (when frozen, blueberries practically do not lose their beneficial characteristics).

    Blueberry jam for medicinal purposes should not be used, in the process of heat treatment the berry loses its medicinal characteristics.

    Bananas are indicated for all types of inflammation in the stomach, with the development of serious complications. Bananas have a soft structure, they envelop the damaged intestinal walls and prevent further irritation.

    You can eat bananas before meals to improve digestion, and as a dessert.

    Habit is at least one banana per day, in the future it will result in stabilization of the condition and removal of painful sensations.

    Juice therapy

    One of the folk remedies in the treatment of atrophic gastritis is the use of fresh juices. The positive effect has been proven repeatedly, the components contained in the juice can affect the functioning of the digestive tract, stimulate the immune system and strengthen the body as a whole. On our resource you will find a separate article on the treatment of gastritis juices, now we will tell the most important points about the procedure:

    1. Before starting treatment of juice, it is imperative to consult with your doctor,
    2. Extract juices for low acidity of the stomach (tomato, apple, pomegranate), for increased acidity of the stomach (pumpkin and potato) and neutral juices (from green lettuce, beetroot, from aloe),
    3. In some cases, it is pasteurized rather than freshly squeezed juices that have a positive effect on the body.

    Dill seeds

    Eliminating the effects of atrophic gastritis is easy using tincture from dill seeds. The main advantage of this tool is to give it without fear to patients under 12 years old who have stomach problems. To prepare the means, we take a small spoonful of dill, throw in 200 ml of boiling water and boil for two minutes.

    The resulting mixture is cooled and consumed three times a day. It is possible to treat the stomach with this remedy up to getting rid of painful and uncomfortable symptoms.

    Cumin seeds

    Include gastritis in the patient's diet as a seasoning. Just add a few seeds to the food, cumin does not only improve the appetite due to its specific taste, it will ease the symptoms. Do not like cumin in its pure form, you can make a decoction of cumin seeds. To do this, put a large spoonful of cumin in a suitable container, pour 400 ml of hot water and boil for a while. Broth remove and leave to insist. Elimination of unpleasant symptoms occurs after taking 200 ml of the drug per day during the month. Treatment with cumin broth can be combined with the methods described above.

    Today we looked at the most popular and effective ways to combat atrophic gastritis.

    Folk remedies are available to every patient, in most cases they have no contraindications.

    It is not necessary to engage in self-treatment, to achieve the result will be obtained only under the supervision of a doctor and with an integrated approach to the treatment of the disease.

    What is dangerous disease

    Chronic atrophic gastritis in most cases is a neglected stage of the inflammatory process in the stomach.

    The cells of the stomach are reborn into ordinary integumentary tissue, due to which the organ cannot function normally.

    In parallel, there is a decrease in acidity. Symptoms such as belching after a meal, frequent constipation or rushing, nausea, and painful sensations in the stomach area occur.

    Treatment of the stomach must be started on time, otherwise oncology may occur.

    Varieties of treatment

    1. With atrophy it is impossible to apply a surgical intervention. The damaged area can be both small and large.
    2. Damaged cells need to be repaired until they have turned into oncology.
    3. Rehabilitation therapy folk remedies should be long.

    Rehabilitation therapy should consist of three methods:

    1. Drug treatment of atrophic gastritis. It is necessary to consult a doctor. He will prescribe the necessary examination and treatment of gastritis.
    2. Diet. Do not eat fried foods, best suited boiled or steamed.
    3. Treatment of folk remedies. Good help for the stomach without side effect.

    Folk remedies for the treatment of atrophic gastritis

    Due to the fact that this disease causes problems with the gastric mucosa, rehabilitation therapy should be directed primarily to it.

    Use for this tincture, decoctions and infusions. The amount of ingredients in each medicine can be completely different.

    • Cold infusions can be made from herbal ingredients and hot water. They must be connected and left for several hours. It is desirable to use in a certain dosage before meals.
    • Hot infusions are prepared in the same way as cold. But you need to use them only warm.
    • Decoctions. They are made from plants that were purchased in advance. In most cases, roots and rhizomes are used. They are boiled in water for up to 15 minutes, then left to infuse for 30 minutes.

    Effective remedies for atrophic gastritis

    1. In the presence of low acidity, it is necessary to take potato juice. It should be consumed before meals in 30 minutes. A particular variety of pink-skinned potatoes is best.
    2. When gastritis with low acidity is well helps to collect herbs to restore the stomach. It is necessary to take the leaves of the plantain, wormwood, immortelle inflorescences and calendula flowers, as well as St. John's wort. All ingredients need to be taken in equal proportions, only St. John's wort is three times more and filled with hot boiled water. After the need to boil over low heat for 20 minutes. You need to consume the third part of the glass for half an hour before meals.
    3. And with increased, and with low acidity, you can use drugs to normalize the level of acidity: calendula, sea buckthorn oil, bed-dead, yarrow, nettle. They help to quickly restore the gastric mucosa.
    4. Enveloping action for the walls of the stomach have such drugs as flax seeds, calamus swamp and marsh mallow. Folk remedies help to eliminate such an unpleasant symptom as heartburn.
    5. Treatment of gastritis by the Chinese method. This recipe is considered very effective, even with oncology. To do this, you need to take: carrot and beet juice, melted pork lard, sugar, melted butter, honey and cocoa powder. All ingredients must be combined and thoroughly mixed. Place in a clay pot, wrap in a warm blanket and leave in a warm place for a week. Cover must be covered with dough. The drug should be consumed on 1 tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach, connecting with warm milk. This should be done 60 minutes before meals.
    6. Treatment of gastritis poisons, toadstools. This method of rehabilitation therapy must be approached especially carefully. With the help of the mushroom you can cure various diseases, including serious diseases of the stomach. It is necessary to take a mushroom and dry it. Then you should cut it into small pieces, no larger than 1 cm in size. A small piece is consumed in the morning on an empty stomach.

    Treatment of potato atrophic gastritis

    The simplest treatment of disorders of the stomach is the use of potato juice. It helps to normalize the acidity of the gastric juice.

    But before each medication, folk medicine should be prepared just before a meal.

    We must take the potatoes and wash them well, peel them. Grate the potatoes on a fine grater and squeeze the juice of the potatoes. Depending on the size of the potato you need to get from 50 grams to 100 grams of juice.

    Additionally, you need starch 1 tsp. To drink this medicine you need to drink every morning and evening. Atrophic focal gastritis with low acidity, an hour before a meal you need to drink juice.

    The action appears a short time after using the medicine. Take juice preferably courses. The duration of one course is 2 weeks between them.

    But the use of medication for young children is not practiced, as it does not work.

    Broths in the treatment of atrophic gastritis

    1. A decoction of the hips. There is no special way to prepare this medication. It is prepared as ordinary tea. It is a whole trace of trace elements, and also has an anti-inflammatory effect.
    2. Water infusion of flax pepper. This medicine can be prepared at home and bought at the pharmacy. It helps to heal wounds and envelops the walls of the stomach.
    3. Chamomile decoction. Can be used as a tea after a meal. Chronic atrophic gastritis has such a feature that the glandular tissues of the stomach turn into ordinary ones, and tea helps to slow down this process.

    Atrophic focal gastritis and proper nutrition

    The first and most important rule of nutrition in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is fractional nutrition.

    A person can eat a day many times, but each meal should not be larger than a small saucer.

    Main dishes and foods you can eat:

    1. Eggs
    2. Fruits and vegetables. Oven baked, boiled or cooked in a slow cooker.
    3. Butter.
    4. Sweets that can be consumed with this disease are honey, jelly, jelly and marmalade.
    5. Meat and fish.
    6. Soup puree.

    You can not use:

    1. Fried food.
    2. Chocolate, sweets.
    3. Canned food.
    4. Cakes
    5. Alcoholic beverages.

    Diet allows you to additionally use such foods and dishes:

    1. Omelette.
    2. Boiled fish.
    3. Mashed potatoes.
    4. Pumpkin baked in the oven with honey.
    5. Honey, jelly, mousses.
    6. Sandwiches from yesterday's bread.
    7. Curd casseroles.
    8. Apples baked in the oven with cottage cheese.
    9. Omelette.

    Experts recommend such methods of traditional medicine:

    1. To restore the stomach is good to take this dish for breakfast. You must take a raw pumpkin and an apple, grate on a fine grater. Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey. It is necessary to cure chronic gastritis.
    2. Before eating for half an hour you need to take 0.5 liters of water. After eating a meal for 2 hours, you cannot drink any beverages.
    3. Well helps to restore the work of the stomach receiving blueberries, crushed with a blender. Add sugar. Eat every morning on an empty stomach for 1 teaspoon.
    4. Combine 1 tablespoon of dandelion root, peppermint, sage, calamus, chamomile flowers, St. John's wort, calendula, plantain leaves and cover with hot boiled water. It is necessary to consume half a glass before each meal.
    5. Vegetables and fruits should be washed well before use. It is desirable that they were grown at home.
    6. A person suffering from atrophic gastritis should eat at least 5 times a day.
    7. It is necessary to eat warm food. Hot or cold can harm the stomach.

    By following these tips, you can avoid the development of cancer and improve your condition in atrophic gastritis with low acidity.

    When using popular recipes for gastritis atrophic type

    The considered type of gastritis is not curable, and inaction will result in the appearance of oncology of the stomach. To prevent this, atrophic gastritis should be treated with folk remedies.

    With gastritis jokes are bad

    The most effective, as well as favorite people, recipes will be presented in this article.

    Cabbage juice

    It is possible to increase the acidity index without taking various medications, for example, by adding juice from ordinary cabbage to your diet. Using an electric or manual grinder, let the cabbage leaves pass and get cabbage juice, which is combined with a special diet.

    Cabbage juice increases acidity

    The diet itself should last no more than 1 month, and juice should be consumed before the main meal, or rather 30 minutes before it. In the first days only 0.5 cups are consumed, and then, each new day, the amount of liquid increases so that by the end of the diet, the glass is full.

    Black currant

    Blackcurrant juice perfectly copes with the problems that have arisen during gastritis. Intake: drinking juice costs every morning for one week 1 hour before eating a meal.

    You can make a similar decoction in the winter using frozen berries.

    At 250 g of berries need 500 ml of water. It is important that the water is not cold. After adding water to the berries, the broth is heated to boiling, and then filtered. The berries themselves should be carefully pressed.


    In order to effectively combat atrophic gastritis, it is important to carefully combat its symptoms. One of the best options for dealing with low acidity is plantain extract..

    For cooking you need only plantain in a dry form, in an amount of not more than 1 tbsp. l Before cooking the broth, the leaves should be chopped. The resulting crushed leaves are poured with boiled water and infused for 10 minutes. Liquid is taken before eating, in the amount of 1/3 cup 3 times a day.

    Roots devyasila

    One of the best ways to effectively treat, as well as prevent, gastritis is the use of infusion, the main ingredient of which is deviacil root.


    • 20 g of root devyasila is placed in any container, water is poured in there, preferably above 15 degrees, and then heated until boiling.
    • After the fire immediately turns off, and the container is covered with a lid.
    • Thus, the resulting liquid should be infused for 1 hour.
    Root devyasila

    The course of treatment may continue for about 1.5-2 weeks and 1 tbsp. l infusion per day.

    Potato Juice

    For this recipe you need raw potatoes. This vegetable should be peeled from the outer skin, as it does not have the nutrients needed for the stomach, and then grate it. Grated potatoes must be well squeezed, and strain the resulting juice using a sieve or cheesecloth.

    The resulting juice is recommended to drink only in the morning.without using anything else. Potato diet should not last more than 10 days.

    Fruits and berries for the treatment of atrophic gastritis

    The use of certain healthy fruits in the diet is also a treatment of atrophic gastritis with folk remedies. Consider the features of the most effective, to relieve unpleasant symptoms, fruits and berries.

    This fruit has unique properties that allow him to easily remove inflammation, thereby making life easier for the patient.

    Bananas - anti-inflammatory

    Eating such a fruit is safe even in sufficiently large quantities, but to relieve inflammation it is recommended to use it as a dessert and only after meals.

    It has regenerating properties, therefore, it is often used by people in the fight against gastritis. It is necessary to use it in a ground form with sugar. Every morning, 1 tsp. on an empty stomach.

    blueberry jam does not help in the presence of atrophic gastritis

    Since heat treatment adversely affects the beneficial properties of the berries.

    Green apple

    Prepare a green apple in two ways:

    • 200 g apples, 500 g pumpkin, ¼ cup of lemon juice and 1 tbsp. l melted honey. Tykva and apple grate in one bowl and pour them with lemon juice and honey. The resulting dessert should be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach.
    Green apples regulate acid breakdown
    • Some green apples should be peeled and grated to a mushy state. Apples in this form should be consumed every morning and only on an empty stomach.

    Rosehip decoction

    For the preparation of such a broth, you will need both the usual dry leaves and the fruits of this plant. The mixture is filled with 500 ml of water and left on the stove until boiling. Keep on fire, after boiling, no more than 10 minutes. In order to finish cooking, this broth should be infused after boiling, until it cools completely.


    Reception of the broth in question is worth making 1 hour before the food is taken. The course should last at least 5 weeks, then it is recommended to take a week break.

    In order for the methods to be effective and in no way threaten the health, it is important to remember:

    Observe the entire recipe as well as the duration of the course of treatment.

    Dill Seed Infusion

    The infusion is great for relieving stomach pain. Before cooking, the available dry seeds are recommended to be crushed.

    Dill seeds

    For infusion will need 1 tbsp. l seeds and 350 ml of water heated to 100 degrees. Insist 2 hours. Consume this drink before meals 2-3 times a day.

    Parsley root infusion

    Treatment of atrophic gastritis by folk methods includes such an effective remedy as an infusion of parsley roots. This drink is considered the best to restore the gastric mucosa..

    Parsley root

    Recipe: pre-dried parsley roots should be chopped. The resulting mass should be put in a container and fill it with 200 ml of freshly heated to 100 degrees water, wait about 30 minutes.

    Juice blend

    The best option among all the mixtures is a mixture of cabbage and beet juice, diluted with water.

    Beet and Cabbage Juices

    To do this, take 50 ml of each juice, to obtain a mixture, they are diluted with 100 ml of pure water.

    Among the various methods aimed at the treatment of gastritis, there is also kissel. It is worth remembering that it must be cooked with a neutral tinge of sweet and sour. Its consistency allows to envelop the entire mucous membrane., wherein qualitatively affecting her recovery.

    Kissel is good for its structure.

    The treatment of such a disease as atrophic gastritis should be complex, especially if it is carried out by folk remedies. Here are the most effective recipes to alleviate the various symptoms of the ailment.

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    How to treat gastritis folk remedies: working methods. Details in the following video:

    What is atrophic gastritis

    Atrophic gastritis is inflammation, thinning of the gastric mucosa, in which there is a disruption of the functioning of the cells and atrophy of the excretory glands. Over the course of the disease, these glands are replaced by connective tissue and cannot produce gastric juice - the main element of normal digestion. One of the most dangerous consequences of the disease is stomach cancer, which develops when you ignore the symptoms of gland death.

    Causes of atrophic gastritis

    Among the causes of atrophic gastritis can be distinguished concomitant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which cause inflammation in the stomach, various infections, age-related changes in the body. Alcohol dependence, uncontrolled intake of strong drugs, intoxication, poisoning with gas and other toxic substances can lead to excessive development of stomach bacteria. An important factor is also a genetic predisposition, in which case an autoimmune form of the disease is isolated.

    Types of atrophic gastritis

    Atrophic gastropathy can be of several types. They differ in localization, degree of damage to the stomach, characteristic symptoms, features of pathogenesis, the form of changes and possible consequences for the patient. It is always better to treat the early stages of the disease, when the occurrence of a tumor is more likely to be avoided. Read more about the types of atrophic gastritis read below.

    Acute atrophic gastritis is called active because it is a stage of exacerbation of inflammatory processes, destruction of the integumentary epithelium of the stomach. It can also be characterized by edema of the walls, vascular plethora, leukocyte infiltration, and rarely erosion on the mucous membrane. Atrophic gastritis can develop under the influence of toxic factors, symptoms - vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, fever, fever.


    Chronic form - a separate disease, not associated with remission of the acute type. The disease has a negative impact on neighboring organs: the liver, the duodenum, the pancreas, affects the nervous and endocrine systems. Chronic atrophic gastritis is characterized by long-term internal destruction of cells without severe inflammation; it develops as a result of a decrease in the acidity of gastric juice.

    Atrophic gastritis of this form resembles the usual gastritis in everything except pathogenesis. Dystrophy of the glands is expressed by random, irregular areas in which the acidity is increased. The remaining glands of the stomach compensate for this property by a more active release of hydrochloric acid. Due to this dysfunction, focal atrophic gastritis is especially felt during the meal, specifically - dairy products, fatty meat, fish: they are digested very poorly, often stagnant in the stomach, provoke vomiting, nausea, pain.

    The form is characterized by standard dyspeptic symptoms of gastritis, the diagnosis can be made after histological examination of the cells. Mild atrophic gastritis is the slow development of destruction and mild inflammation. Cell deformation is partial, has no pathological nature, is mild, and this is the danger: cell destruction does occur and if you do not notice them in time, the likelihood of oncology is very high.


    Atrophic gastritis of the surface type is diagnosed using endoscopy, characterized by minor changes in the walls of the stomach, the absence of pronounced symptoms. At the same time, the walls of the stomach retain their normal thickness or thin out a little, in the glands there is a minimal hyperfunction (too many enzymes released). Superficial atrophic gastritis is the initial stage of a chronic disease, sometimes becomes acute.


    Signs are high levels of secretory function and partial oxidation of the body environment. Antral atrophic gastritis affects the antrum of the stomach (lower, adjacent to the duodenum), scars and inflammations are formed. Instrumental studies show the deformation of the mucous membranes, a decrease in the activity of peristalsis. The walls of the esophagus are narrowed, there is no healthy metabolism. In addition, focal atrophy of the antrum mucous membrane of the stomach provokes the appearance of ulcers and significant sealing of the walls during progression.

    Important, serious changes in the tissues during diagnostics and laboratory tests are not observed, but one can notice nascent foci of dystrophy, in which cells can gradually die, and other microstructural changes in the surface epithelium. Diffuse atrophic gastritis is an intermediate stage between superficial and more severe form (acute, focal).

    De-Nol for atrophic gastritis

    This antimicrobial drug containing bismuth is one of the most useful substances for gastritis after aluminum. In case of atrophic gastritis, the doctor prescribes de-Nol in cases where the disease is caused by the activity of the bacteria Helicobacter pylori. Admission regimen for adults: 4 times a day, half an hour before meals. It is not possible to combine de-nol with all medications, so it is imperative to consult a doctor to eliminate the risk of undesirable reactions. The main side effect is kidney dysfunction, so doctors may recommend taking the drug in doses.

    Prevention of atrophic gastritis

    The abundance of fatty, unhealthy food with dyes, emulsifiers and flavor enhancers, soda, alcohol, the lack of useful trace elements in food - all this leads to disruptions in the body. The main task in order for the stomach to remain functional and healthy is to eat more fresh fruits, herbs, vegetables, drink fresh juices, eat cereals and nuts, go in for physical training. For the prevention of atrophic gastritis, it is important to monitor your diet every day.

    In case of chronic gastritis, it is necessary to be constantly monitored, and inspections should be done at least once a year in order to prevent any relapses as they begin to appear. This should not mean that for the rest of your life you will have to control yourself - you just need to make your lifestyle more healthy and healthy. To get involved in this process easily and without effort, you can read the appropriate literature on the topic of a healthy lifestyle, look for positive moments in yourself and believe that you can defeat atrophic gastritis.

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