Treatment of internal hemorrhoids: effective ointments

On some types of diseases is not widely accepted. It is to such ailments applies hemorrhoids. In fact, this is a fairly common disease, which is an inflammation. veins (hemorrhoidal), which leads to further education around the rectum nodes.

Researchers believe that hemorrhoids are the result thrombosis,that is, the process by whichblood convolutions (blood clots) in vesselsimpeding normal duct of blood by him. For the treatment of this disease there are many effective medical methods, for example, tablets, capsules, suppositories, gels, ointments or creams. Let's talk about the most effective methods of drug treatment of this ailment.

Hemorrhoids Ointment

Before we move on to a more detailed examination of inexpensive and effective ointments fromhemorrhoids, let's talk about some important points related to this disease. As a rule, the development of malaise occurs gradually. The man does not even suspect that he has such delicate problems.

At the initial stage of the disease can be felt shortitchas well as feeling heaviness in anus. Often the symptoms of developing malaise are frequent constipationas well as pain in the area anus. Such discomfort becomes more pronounced after drinking alcohol, too spicy or spicy due to the seasoning of dishes, as well as after prolonged physical exertion.

As an illness develops, a person begins to face much more serious consequences of hemorrhoids than the appearance of an itch or feeling of heaviness. The disease is accompanied hemorrhoidal bleedingassociated with acute pain syndromeas well as falling out hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, people start to worry intensely only when they notice bleeding after stool.

The blood present in the stool may be bright scarlet or dark, often with clots.

If a person does not consult a doctor for treatment, then a hemorrhoid that is triggered leads to serious consequences, for example, anemiacaused by constant bleeding.

Loss of hemorrhoids is considered one of the last signs of hemorrhoids.

This happens gradually, first after emptying. intestinesand then after physical exertion, during straining and even with coughing or sneezing. If you do not treat hemorrhoids, then at any stage in the development of the disease serious complications can arise, for example, necrosis of hemorrhoids, acute purulent paraproctitis,andthrombosis.

Most often hemorrhoids suffer from people who have a genetic predisposition to the disease, as well as suffering from obesity or smokers. In addition, the risk of getting sick is high for those who lead a sedentary or, on the contrary, an overly active sports lifestyle, associated with constant high stress. Researchers claim that people who are prone to stress often suffer from hemorrhoids.

Factors contributing to the development of malaise include:

  • infectious diseases,
  • smoking,
  • frequent constipation,
  • liver disease, and intestines (inflammation or development of tumor neoplasms),
  • frequent anal sex
  • circulatory disorders in the rectum.

Doctors distinguish two main types of the disease:

  • anorectal thrombosis (those. hemorrhoids in the acute stage)
  • chronic hemorrhoids.

For anorectal thrombosis characterized by strong pain, which is caused by thrombosis of both internal and external hemorrhoids.

There are three main stages of acute hemorrhoids:

  • initially inflamed hemorrhoids acquire an unhealthy blue color, and during palpation (the method of research, which is carried out by palpating the patient’s body, in this case, the rectum), the patient experiences severe pain,
  • in the second stage, they are inflamed not only by themselves hemorrhoidsbut also the surrounding tissue
  • the final stage happens necrosis affected tissues.

Often the first signs chronic hemorrhoids mislead a person about the severity of further consequences. After all, at first there is only mild pain syndromewhich lasts a short time and passes quickly. Detect inflammation hemorrhoids at this stage of the disease can only proctologist palpation.

Over time, mild discomfort proceeds to the next stage. chronic hemorrhoidswhich is characterized by frequent loss of inflamed hemorrhoids, which, by the way, a person can independently and without special efforts (at the same time painlessly) correct.

Without proper treatment, the disease progresses rapidly, and constantly falling out inflamed nodes becomes simply impossible to correct without help. At the fourth stage of the disease, the reduction of hemorrhoids becomes simply impossible.

Hemorrhoids are treated with:

  • massage,
  • sclerotherapy - procedures used in the treatment lymphatic and vascular systemin which a specialized medication, “gluing” and thus restoring its walls, is injected into the vascular lumen,
  • infrared coagulation- a procedure in which infrared rays are used to treat hemorrhoids, their thermal energy cicatrizes the mucous membranes near the inflamed hemorrhoids, thus blocking blood flow to them,
  • latex ligation - a treatment method in which a ring made of latex is used, placed with a ligator on an inflamed hemorrhoidal ring,
  • herbal medicine or homeopathy, i.e. herbal medicine treatments
  • minimal invasive operations, eg, transanal hemorrhoidal decarburization,
  • hemorrhoidectomy, those. surgical removal of hemorrhoids,
  • antihemorrhoidal drugs.

Doctors recommend using an integrated approach in the treatment of this type of disease. This means that you need to fight hemorrhoids on all fronts. Namely, take the appropriate drugs inside (for example, tablets Venarus, Ginkor Fort, Detralex), and use of external medicinal products (cream, gel, hemorrhoids ointment). In severe cases, surgery can be the way out.

For topical treatment, various creams from hemorrhoids, as well as rectal suppositories (in common candles). These medicines possess venotonic, anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictorandpainkillers properties. The proctologist will help you in choosing the appropriate therapy.

For the treatment of hemorrhoids use the following therapeutic regimens, depending on the type and severity of the disease:

  • win a relatively easy starting degree hemorrhoids can be using heparin ointmentsas well as containing benzocaine and heparin rectal suppositories, eg, Nigepana,
  • for relieving pain, such pain relievers for hemorrhoids containing in its composition will be effectivelidocaine and anestezin: Procto-Glevenol, Relief Advance, Proktazan, Emla, Ayrobinother,
  • when the disease progresses rapidly, doctors usually prescribe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (abbreviated as NSAID), for example, Diclofenac, Piroksekamand Ibuprofen,
  • in case the inflammatory process with hemorrhoidsspread to nearby tissues, prescribe antimicrobial and antibacterial agents, such as Ma Vishnevsky, Levomikol, Ihtiol (ichthyol ointment), Mafenide acetate,
  • at rectal bleeding use the combined medicines (hemostatics), which include both anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor components and so anesthetic and venotonic substances for example Adroxon in the form of a solution as well Procto-Glevenol and Relief.

List of hemorrhoids ointments

Currently, there are many drugs that can help solve such a delicate problem as hemorrhoids. You just need to make the right choice in favor of the most appropriate comprehensive treatment of this disease. To do this, it is best to seek help from a proctologist, who will conduct a full examination, and prescribe the therapy that is right for you.

If it is necessary to act promptly and there is no possibility to visit a doctor, it will be useful to know which ointments, creams, and also gels from hemorrhoids help relieve symptoms of the disease. True, we should not think that only one miracle cure can completely cure the disease.

Hemorrhoids require complex treatment and nothing else, so in any case you will have to consult a doctor. This type of medicine, as an ointment or cream, is considered one of the most effective forms of treatment for hemorrhoids. These tools are easy to use, they quickly penetrate the skin and are suitable for both external and external hemorrhoids, and also have a wide spectrum of action.

Many doctors, answering the question of what is better - candles or hemorrhoids ointment, give the palm to ointments. They are quickly absorbed, and their composition is in no way inferior to anti-hemorrhoidal candles. Moreover, rectal suppositories or suppositories are useless with external hemorrhoids, unlike gels or creams.

When choosing a drug is not worth buying too cheap hemorrhoids ointment. Do you know the saying that the miser pays twice? As a rule, the medicine is chosen depending on the main symptom of the disease. For example, if a person is suffering from a strong pain syndrome, then you can use lidocaine ointment or other painkillers to relieve the condition.

There are the following groups of drugs used in the treatment of hemorrhoids:

  • anticoagulants(Heparin ointment, Hepatrombin, Heparoid Zentiva) - these are drugs that slow down blood clotting processthus significantly reducing the risk of developing thrombosis, based on their composition heparin,
  • hemostatics or coagulants (Relief)- these are drugs that have opposite anticoagulant properties; on the contrary, they increase the rate of blood clotting, which helps to stop hemorrhoidal bleeding,
  • immunomodulators (Posterisan)- These are drugs that are aimed at strengthening immune system human
  • venoprotective, venotonic or venosclerotic (Procto-Glevenol, Troxevasin or Traxivisin)- These are medical products designed to strengthen and tone up. capillary walls, and veins, while reducing blood exudation and taking off edema tissues, contributing to their accelerated regeneration,
  • combined (Proktozan, Vishnevsky ointment, Ihtiolovaya ointment, Proktosedil, Bezornil and Levomekol)- This is a group of drugs that has both antisepticso and disinfectants abilities
  • anti-inflammatory (Proktosedil, Ultraprokt, Aurobin and Doloprokt) - These are medical products that significantly slow down the development of inflammatory processes, rendering, moreover, antipruritic and antiedematousimpact
  • homeopathic facilities(Fleming ointment, Escule).

About the correct application

It is better to get an ointment for hemorrhoids as prescribed by a doctor who is aware of the diagnosis and characteristics of the patient. Store the drug should be in the refrigerator, do not use after the expiration date. How to apply the ointment for internal hemorrhoids:

  • it is necessary to pre-empty the intestines and carry out hygiene procedures,
  • it is better to carry out the treatment in the evening before going to bed in the prone position, if necessary, repeat the procedure every time after a stool during the day, only 2-3 times a day,
  • for applying ointment on the nodes inside the rectum, use a special plastic nozzle-tip from the medication kit or a cotton swab to which the product is applied,
  • with the combined form of hemorrhoids, the introduction of ointment into the anal canal is combined with application to external nodes on a gauze napkin for 20 minutes, it is impossible to massage the inflamed nodes,
  • The course of treatment is determined by a specialist individually, on average for drugs such as Relief, is 10-14 days, Heparin ointment is usually used for about 7 days.

Despite the safety, the use of ointments may be limited by the presence of contraindications to the patient for local treatment, which the specialist always takes into account when prescribing the medication.

  • increased sensitivity of the body to the components of the drug,
  • acute infectious intestinal diseases,
  • manifestations of herpes or contact dermatitis in the anus,
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding (for some ointments),
  • intestinal tuberculosis,
  • suspected cancer of the anus or rectum.

Separate drugs may have specific contraindications depending on the composition of the drug, for example, Heparin ointment cannot be used for increased bleeding, thrombocytopenia, Relief is not used for decompensated diabetes mellitus, thromboembolism in history.

About popular ointments

The best ointment for each person is his own, the main thing is that it helps, so the choice should be entrusted to a specialist. The following drugs are the most popular among patients and doctors:

  1. Heparin ointment - the active substance is an anticoagulant that reduces blood clotting, prevents the formation of clots, strengthens the local blood circulation and stops inflammation. Heparin ointment is most suitable for the treatment of early hemorrhoids.
  2. Gepatrombin G - due to heparin, allantoin and dexapanthenol helps to cope with puffiness and other inflammatory manifestations, accelerates the repair of damaged tissues.
  3. Ointment Troxevasin - strengthens the vascular walls, reduces their permeability, relieves swelling and inflammation, is the best drug for the treatment of chronic weeping hemorrhoids.
  4. Relief - a series of antihemorrhoidal drugs - are effective for uncomplicated hemorrhoids, stimulate the body’s local defenses, suppress all symptoms of inflammation (swelling of tissues, itching, pain), reduce bleeding.
  5. Proktosedil - a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect is provided by hydrocortisone - a hormonal component in the composition of the tool.
  6. Bezornil - perfectly manifested itself in hemorrhoids, occurring with complications, has drying, antimicrobial, wound-healing and hemostatic properties. The tool works effectively with internal hemorrhoids with signs of inflammation and increased bleeding.
  7. Vishnevsky Balsam - a drug of a wide range of effects, used to eliminate various problems, including hemorrhoids, is safe for almost all categories of patients.
  8. Levomekol - has antimicrobial, hypertensive and regenerating effect, suitable for the treatment of children, lactating and pregnant women.

Local treatment of internal hemorrhoids is a very effective addition to the main complex of measures, but the choice of ointment must be approached competently and responsibly under the guidance of the attending physician.

From the video you will learn about the ointment from internal hemorrhoids:

Signs and causes of the disease

Internal hemorrhoids are more difficult to diagnose and are asymptomatic in the initial stages. Symptoms that may indicate that there is a problem:

More than 30 years of my practice have shown that there is no miracle in the treatment of hemorrhoids, and at the same time, there are means that can help very many people with this delicate problem.

  1. Pain during or after stool.
  2. Itching, tingling, burning in the area of ​​the anus.
  3. Excretion of blood and mucus.
  4. Loss of knots out.

Among the causes of internal hemorrhoids can be identified malnutrition, weight lifting, lack of physical activity, constipation, and bad habits. Internal hemorrhoids in women most often begins to develop during pregnancy and childbirth.

Drug therapy

If the visit to the doctor was timely, then conservative treatment is prescribed. It is based on ointments, gels, pills, candles. All these drugs are aimed at relieving inflammation, itching, swelling and improving blood circulation in the affected area.

How to treat internal hemorrhoids? The following groups of drugs are used.

Hemorrhoids are a serious illness that cause a lot of anxiety, fortunately, there are remedies that help both to relieve symptoms and help to heal. One of them .

  1. Venotonics (Ginkor Forte, Payleks, Askleyans) will help to cure hemorrhoids. They are designed to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, give them elasticity, avoiding stretching.
  2. Venoprotectors improve blood supply in the inflamed area: Procto-Glevenol, Eskuzan, Detralex, Phlebodia, Venoruton.
  3. Anti-inflammatory drugs. Usually used in the form of candles or ointments. Nonsteroidal drugs, for example, Indomethacin suppositories, or steroid, based on hydrocortisone, are distinguished.
  4. Anticoagulants are able to relieve swelling, dissolve the hemorrhoidal node, eliminate pain and inflammation. These include Heparin ointment or Troxevasin.
  5. Analgesics of general or local action: Diclofenac, Nise, Analgin, Nurofen.
  6. Antiseptics. Suppress and prevent infectious processes. Candles with Propolis disinfect the surface, heal wounds and abrasions, stop the inflammatory process. Ichthyol candles quickly cope with the inflammatory process, have a bactericidal effect.
  7. Hemostatic agents: Vikasol, Thrombin, Natalcide.
  8. Laxative drugs are designed to soften the fecal masses and intensify intestinal motility: Guttalaks, Prelax, Duphalac.

Read more about the preparations

Medicinal preparations in the form of tablets for hemorrhoids can be applied anywhere without prior preparation. Many of them are designed to treat not only the symptoms, but also strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

  1. Hemoroidin. The tablets quickly stop the bleeding, eliminate pain, burning and itching, strengthen the walls of the veins and blood vessels. Improved bowel blood flow. Herbal ingredients can improve the activity of all the digestive organs.
  2. Natalsid. The blood stops, the wounds heal, the pain and swelling go away. In addition, the drug can increase local resistance to infections.
  3. Phlebodia. Normalizes blood circulation, makes the walls of blood vessels strong and elastic. Inflammation quickly goes away, pain decreases.
  4. Ibuklin These are pills that have an anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect, eliminate fever and swelling in the affected area.

Remedies for internal hemorrhoids, produced in the form of rectal suppositories, are effective in relieving pain and inflammation.

  1. The best cure for hemorrhoids - candles Relief. Quickly relieve inflammation, reduce swelling and pain, increase local immunity. Suppress the spread of pathogens.
  2. Hepatrombin. Reduces nodes, removes swelling. As a result, the pain and inflammation go away, the blood supply improves.
  3. Proktozan. Have a pronounced analgesic property. The wound is dried, contracted, inflammation is reduced.
  4. Aurobin. Candles based on hormonal components. Coping with allergic symptoms. Edema decreases, itching stops. Inflammatory and infectious process decreases.

Ointments are used in case of the internal node falling out or soaking with cotton swabs and inserting the substance into the anus.

  1. Venoruton. Ointment improves blood flow, relieves pain, accelerates the healing process of cracks and abrasions.
  2. Hepatrombin. The ointment is injected through the tip, which is included. The node is resolved, the swelling subsides, the pain and inflammation are reduced.
  3. Mineless. It has a bactericidal, drying effect. Fights swelling and inflammation. Pain relief, as well as relieves itching and other unpleasant sensations.
  4. Proktosedil. Eliminates inflammation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, reduces itching and burning. The ointment can relieve pain and cramps.
  5. Levomekol. As part of an antibiotic. The tool helps to quickly cope with unpleasant symptoms. Cracks and wounds heal, the surface is decontaminated.
  6. Vishnevsky ointment can prevent complications of inflammatory processes.

After the examination, the doctor will prescribe the most effective form of the drug and select the name. Some drugs can not be combined.


Experts do not mind using recipes of traditional medicine. Many of them in complex treatment help to achieve the best therapeutic results.

  • You can make candles, carved from a potato tuber or from beets. Grease them with oil or petroleum jelly before administration. Already on the second day, the pain is reduced, the inflammation goes away.
  • Candles based on garlic. This spicy vegetable has a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory effect. Garlic is crushed, mixed with melted butter, formed candles and placed in the refrigerator.
  • Honey copes well with inflammation, disinfects the surface and promotes rapid healing of wounds. Candles can be formed from candied product.
  • Chamomile ice candles will help not only to reduce inflammation and disinfect the surface, but also to stop the bleeding and reduce swelling. As a result, the knot reduces in size and does not cause pain. Pre-prepare the decoction of chamomile, which is then poured into molds. Once candles are formed in the freezer, they can be inserted into the rectum.
  • Enema with a medicinal decoction of wormwood stops bleeding, disinfects the surface and reduces inflammation. It will help relieve inflammation and pain decoction of strawberry leaves. Enemas with a decoction of blueberries help stop bleeding.
  • To relieve the acute symptoms of hemorrhoids will help sedentary baths. In the water, you can add a few drops of potassium permanganate, a decoction of onion and milk, decoctions of medicinal herbs (chamomile, sage, calendula).
  • Broths can be taken inside. For these purposes, you can brew a decoction of such herbs as celandine, nettle leaves, chamomile flowers, moth bud.

The recipes of traditional medicine, despite the harmless composition, should be used only after consulting a doctor.

Operative intervention

If conservative treatment did not bring any results, then minimally invasive treatment methods and more radical surgeries can be prescribed.

The minimally invasive (sparing) methods of dealing with internal hemorrhoids include the following:

  1. Ligation During this procedure, a special thin latex ring is put on the knot, which stops feeding the bumps. As a result, the node is reduced in size, its base becomes thin, and after a few days it falls off on its own. The wound heals within a week.
  2. Sclerotherapy A special substance is injected into the knot, which stops the blood supply in the affected area. The node becomes smaller and soon disappears completely.
  3. Infrared coagulation. It is carried out in the case when there are no nodes, but there is rectal bleeding. In the inflamed area, blood vessels are sucked up, and the disease stops progressing.

In the case when the disease occurs in the last stages, it is characterized by a prolapse of the nodes, their pinching, thrombosis, hemorrhoidectomy is performed. During the operation, not only the node itself is removed, but also the mucous vascular area on which the cone leg is located. This operation does not relieve hemorrhoids forever. With adverse factors, the disease may return again. Therefore it is necessary to strictly follow all the recommendations of a specialist.

The best treatment for hemorrhoids is prevention. It is necessary to adjust the diet, enrich it with fruits and vegetables, eliminate bad habits, do not lift weights. Women from the first month of pregnancy can take venotonics, which will help reduce the risk of developing the disease.

Hemorrhoids Ointment: Composition

An effective hemorrhoid ointment is a complex remedy that acts in several directions - eliminates venous congestion, cures inflammation, and relieves hemorrhoids (bumps). The composition of the ointment is the main active ingredients (natural or synthetic) and auxiliary components that ensure the work of the main substances.

The choice of ointment is determined by the effectiveness of its action, the stage of the disease, the presence of anal fissures, wounds, bleeding, inflammation or secondary (adhered) infection. Cheap hemorrhoids ointment, as a rule, contains a minimum of medicinal components. But its action can also be effective., if you choose the right composition, take into account the individual characteristics of the body of a sick person.

Anesthetic ointments for hemorrhoids contain anesthetic and are not a complete treatment.. They reduce pain, allow a person to feel “better” for a while. At the same time, there is no improvement, in fact, and the disease is progressing. Therefore, it is detrimental to use only painkillers without treatment.

Heparin - the most inexpensive hemorrhoids ointment

The most famous and available in the list of hemorrhoid ointments is Heparin ointment. It consists of heparin and anesthetics. Heparin is an anticoagulant, has antithrombotic effect. It reduces blood clotting and thus prevents the formation of new blood clots and ensures the resorption of old blood clots. Thanks to the anti-coagulative effect, blood flow is improved. Which leads to a decrease in inflammation in the area of ​​hemorrhoids.

The composition of heparin ointment includes anesthetics (benzocaine or anesthesin). They eliminate pain, reduce sensitivity.

Also in the composition of the ointment introduced benzylnicotinate. It expands blood vessels and this ensures rapid absorption of drugs into the blood.

Heparin content in the ointment is 2500 IU (IU - medical units) or 15 mg heparin 25 g ointment. In percentage terms, this is only 0.06%. Perhaps that is why Heparin ointment with hemorrhoids shows a small effectiveness.

Note: Heparin has long been used to treat venous stasis. For this healers used leeches. Their saliva contains natural heparin, which prevents blood from clotting.

Heparin ointment cannot be used in advanced stages of the disease when bulging nodes bleed.. The anticoagulant effect of heparin disrupts the healing of cracks. Also for this reason The composition of heparin ointment is not recommended to enter into the rectum. Internal hemorrhoids often bleed, dry feces are injured by dry feces, and heparin is not recommended for bleeding.

Also due to the ability to intensify bleeding Heparin ointment is contraindicated for women during menstruation.. And for people with erosive diseases of the intestinal mucosa.

Due to its low toxicity, heparin can be used by women during the childbearing period.. In pregnancy with hemorrhoids, heparin ointment is a popular treatment. It is prescribed for normal blood clotting.

Heparin ointment itself is notable for its low efficiency. For a better therapeutic effect, other medicinal components are introduced into the composition, which enhance its action.

Features and benefits

Ointments from internal hemorrhoids are distinguished by the advantages:

  • Efficiency - having a high permeability, quickly alleviate the condition. Ointment complex action quickly relieve bleeding, itching, inflammation, burning and other symptoms.
  • The convenience of use - they are ready to use, have a soft uniform texture, many of them are completed with special tips.

Ointments used to treat internal hemorrhoids are divided into the following types:

Hepatrombin ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Hepatrombin ointment is an analogue of Heparin ointment. It contains the same sodium heparin and additional components.. They enhance the therapeutic effect of its own healing effect.

As additional components in Gepatrombin introduced Dexapanthenol and lantoin. Dexapanthenol provides accelerated regeneration of skin cells. Alantoin - organizes a local anesthetic effect, a small anesthesia.

For the treatment of bulging in the anus, a special composition has been developed - Hepatrombin G ointment. It contains the same heparin and other additional components. Hepatrombin G contains prednisone and polidocanol. Prednisolone provides a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, reduces pain and itching. Wherein Prednisone is a hormone that has serious side effects.. Therefore, the composition of Hepatrombin G is used only with severe inflammation, frequent bleeding and relapses.

Polydocanol is a special ingredient. It initiates hardening of the vessels in which stagnation has occurred. And this prevents their necrosis, necrosis, inflammation.

Hepatrombin ointment for hemorrhoids acts multilaterally. It eliminates blood stasis and thrombosis, reduces varicose swelling, reduces inflammation and discharge of infiltration (puffiness).

Relief - the most effective hemorrhoids ointment

The Relief brand offers four types of rectal suppositories and hemorrhoids ointment. Their choice is determined by the characteristics of the course of the disease, the stage of the disease, as well as the necessary effect of treatment. We give the composition and characteristics of the drug Relief.

Hemorrhoid Relief Ointment contains a unique active ingredient - shark liver oil.. The components of this oil provide anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effect. They reduce the filling of venous vessels with blood, and thereby reduce the size of hemorrhoidal cones.

Also in the composition introduced synthetic vasoconstrictor component - phenylephrine hydrochloride. It stimulates the dilated walls of blood vessels, causes them to tighten and narrow. As a result, the blood begins to move more actively through the veins, stagnation weakens.

Also to enhance the therapeutic effect of the ointment includes vitamin E, thyme oil, corn oil, glycerin, vaseline, white wax, paraffin helping to penetrate the main components, as well as to heal cracks and wounds.

What distinguishes Relief from other hemorrhoids?

  • The advantage of Relief ointment is in its water base.. It is made on water, and therefore when applied to problem areas it does not block the air exchange, it does not violate the respiration of the cells.
  • It can also be used to treat internal nodes.. The package contains an applicator that is used to put the ointment inside the rectum.

Rich Relief composition provides the complexity of its action. The ointment is used as an anti-inflammatory and antipruritic agent for hemorrhoids in the initial stages, in the stage of formation of wounds, cracks, bleeding. It is also a healing ointment that accelerates tissue regeneration. Preventive use of ointment Relief for hemorrhoids reduces the risk of bleeding.

Troxevasin - the best hemorrhoids ointment

Gel Troxevasin - used to treat diseases caused by chronic venous insufficiency. The gel contains Troxerutin, analogue of routine, natural angioprotector. Reduces the permeability of the walls of the veins and capillaries, leads to a state of tone stretched walls of blood vessels, improves blood circulation, treats inflammation.

When hemorrhoids Troxevasin ointment provides the following action:

  • Lengthens the period of venous filling.
  • Eliminates swelling, inflammation, pain.
  • Reduces trophism (nutrition) of cells and tissues.

What generally improves the condition of the veins in the anus, reduces the pain and size of hemorrhoidal cones.

Interesting: troxerutin is characterized by deep penetration. 30 minutes after application, it completely penetrates into the subcutaneous layers (dermis). And after 2 hours - in a deeper subcutaneous adipose tissue.

And now we turn to other ointments, which are also used to treat hemorrhoids. Their action is directed against inflammation and tissue regeneration. They do not eliminate venous stasis and are not phlebotonics, angiprotectors. Therefore, only provide a temporary improvement in the disease.


Ointment Levomekol is an affordable anti-inflammatory agent. It is widely used for the treatment of purulent infected wounds. It contains two anti-inflammatory synthetic ingredients - methyluracil and directly chloramphenicol (chloramphenicol, antibiotic).

Levomycetin limits the growth and development of pathogenic bacteria. It is a strong antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent, it acts even in the presence of pus and necrotic masses. Therefore, the composition is often used to treat purulent wounds. It also stimulates the regeneration of cells and tissues.

Methyluracil is a local immunostimulant. It enhances cellular immunity and thus prevents the further development of inflammation.

Levomekol ointment for hemorrhoids is used as an anti-inflammatory agent.. The action of the components of the ointment is expressed in limiting inflammation, reducing the release of purulent exudate (if an infection has joined the wounds, pus is secreted in them). As a result of treatment, swelling and tenderness are reduced.

Levomekol ointment after hemorrhoids is used after surgery in the stage of healing of stitches..

Chinese musky hemorrhoids ointment

Among Chinese ointments for hemorrhoids, select the composition with the most effective anti-hemorrhoidal effect - Musk ointment. This drug has a rich multicomponent composition. He contains:

  • Musk - A biologically active substance that produces the endocrine glands of some animals. It is a stimulant of immunity and blood flow. Eliminates stagnation
  • Amber (particles) - strengthen the membranes and tissues.
  • Pearl (particles) - stop bleeding.
  • sBuru - antibacterial and antimicrobial component.
  • Borneol - antibacterial component, effectively neutralizes staphylococci and streptococci. It also stimulates regeneration.
  • Calamine - powder with a high concentration of zinc carbonate and iron oxide, dries and protects against the penetration of pathogenic bacteria.

The manufacturer regulates the high efficiency of this compound in the treatment of hemorrhoids. The instructions to the ointment say that it can completely cure diseases in the initial stages of development, significantly alleviate the condition with developed hemorrhoids with frequent constipation and bleeding.

Indeed, such a rich composition can not help in the treatment of hemorrhoids. With one reservation - if it is really real and contains all the components listed in the instructions.

Muskum ointment is used for the treatment, prevention and after removal of hemorrhoidal lumps. The use of musky ointment after removal of hemorrhoids can accelerate healing, regeneration and prevent infection of the wound with feces.

Hormonal ointment Aurobin - the best ointment for hemorrhoids

Aurobin - ointment with a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It contains the hormone prednisone, which provides its anti-inflammatory properties.. The hormonal basis of the ointment makes adjustments to its application. The composition can not be used constantly and for a long time. This will cause addiction and reduce the effectiveness of the anti-inflammatory effect of the ointment.

Note: the hormonal basis of the ointment limits the possibility of its use in the presence of an infection in the anus zone (bacterial, viral or fungal).

In addition to the hormonal component, Aurobin contains an anesthetic (lidocaine) and a wound healing component (dexapanthenol). As a hemorrhoid ointment, Aurobin is applied to inflamed protruding nodes, anal fissures, and itchy areas around the anus. The composition is also used for eczema and dermatitis in the perinatal region (in the area of ​​the genital organs), as well as for skin inflammation in the area of ​​the anus and perineum.

Vishnevsky ointment - a local antiseptic

Liniment or Vishnevsky ointment - composition with antiseptic action. Contains xeroform, tar and castor oil. Used to treat inflammation in gynecology and to treat boils and abscesses in dermatology. Antiseptic properties allow you to use the composition Vishnevskogo for the treatment of hemorrhoidal bulges, cones.

Vishnevsky ointment for hemorrhoids is also used as a regenerating agent. It is applied for the speedy healing of wounds and cracks.

Note: the regenerating properties of the Vishnevsky composition are used in the treatment of extensive wounds (burns, frostbite). In this case, the ointment is placed on the wound under a bandage, securing with bandages or a plaster. Periodically, the ointment is changed, removed the old and put a new one. This avoids scarring and regenerates the skin.

Ichthyol ointment and suppositories for hemorrhoidal inflammations

Ichthyol ointment or ichtyol is also an antiseptic used to treat inflammation in dermatology, gynecology, and urology.. Contains shale tar product - ichthyol (or ichthammol), which is composed of organic sulfur, which provides the drug with a persistent unpleasant odor. Ichthyol and sulfur contained in it are antiseptics, which ensures their use as a drug with anti-inflammatory action.

Ichthyol ointment for hemorrhoids is applied externally to the anus.. For the treatment of internal hemorrhoids ichthyol candles are produced. In any preparations, external ointments or internal suppositories, Ichthyol is disinfected, relieves pain, inflammation and swelling.

Treatment of hemorrhoids: candles or ointments, which is better?

The choice of the drug - ointment, cream or rectal suppository - is determined by the localization of hemorrhoidal inflammation. Ointment products and creams are used for the treatment of external hemorrhoids protruding from the anus of the cones.. Therefore, the traditional use of ointment - from external hemorrhoids. It is outside that the ointment is most effective and effective.

Candles or suppositories are intended for internal treatment.. It is convenient to introduce them into the intestine, through the anus. Therefore, for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids use candles. In order to use the ointment for internal treatment, you need a device, cap or nozzle that allows you to enter a soft ointment through the anus. Packaging ointment for internal hemorrhoids should have a similar nozzle. Then the drug can be called a remedy for any manifestations of hemorrhoidal disease.

Note: an example of such an ointment is Relief, which contains the necessary plastic packing in the package.

Hemorrhoids ointment for pregnant women

Hemorrhoids accompany 60% of pregnancies, especially for those women who carry a baby a second or third time. In most cases, it does not cause any discomfort, and does not require treatment. But sometimes - it becomes so noticeable, it forms bleeding, that it has to be treated right while carrying a baby. What drugs are used to treat the anus?

The main requirement for hemorrhoid ointment during pregnancy is safety for the developing fetus in the womb. The greatest sensitivity to drugs and the risk of adverse events - in the first trimester.

Hemorrhoids are more likely to be disturbed in the later stages of pregnancy, when a large fetus squeezes the veins and arteries, the blood flow is disrupted, and venous stasis forms. At this time, the organs and systems of the baby have already formed, so sometimes even antibiotics are used for treatment (as prescribed by the doctor).

What can pregnant women use for hemorrhoids?

  • Vishnevsky ointment and Ichthyol ointment - time-tested and safe outdoor antiseptics.
  • Heparin and Hepatrombin Ointment - provided that the woman has blood coagulability indicators - is normal.
To the note: even in the last trimester of pregnancy, it is impossible to use drugs without control. It may be that the ointment contains too many toxic substances that are dangerous for the child in the womb. It is important to know a pregnant woman: Troxevasin is prohibited in the first trimester of pregnancy. Relief, Aurobin - are not completely safe, so the manufacturer disclaims responsibility, indicating in the instructions that the possibility of using ointments is determined by the attending physician. Levomekol is an antibiotic, so they try not to use it during pregnancy and feeding.

Hemorrhoids in men

If women have frequent causal hemorrhoids, pregnancy, for men, initiating the appearance of venous stasis is smoking and drinking. Daily poisoning of the body with tobacco and alcohol toxins leads to a general atony of muscles and blood vessels, the formation of stagnant processes. That in combination with refined nutrition leads to thrombophlebitis and hemorrhoids.

For the treatment of male hemorrhoids use the same drugs as for the treatment of female. Gaparin and Hepatrombin ointment, Troxevasin gel, Relief suppository and suppositories, as well as local anesthetics - Ichthyol, Vishnevsky composition, Levomekol (for strong or purulent inflammation) are suitable for men.

Note: Hemorrhoids ointment for men has no effect on potency. Reduce an erection can not ointment, and inflammation, which with a strong neglected hemorrhoids spreads from the anus to the male genitalia.

The best hemorrhoids ointment is Proktozan. It helps even in the advanced stage.

Cured hemorrhoids with ointment Relief and candles Relief. Candles - inside, ointment - outside.

Relief - has a lot of contraindications. It only says that there is natural shark liver oil. And you read it, because with heart diseases - it is impossible, with hypertension - it is impossible, during pregnancy - it is careful (that is, it is also impossible, only if the doctor tells you what you need, then you can). So do not believe advertising, not everything is so smooth and safe.

Hepatrombin ointment - a good composition and a noticeable effect. Unlike heparin ointment, which almost does not help.

All information is provided for informational purposes only. And is not an instruction for self-treatment. If you feel unwell, contact your doctor.

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